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Forced land acquisition unacceptable


County moving forward on airport land acquisition…

How come no one is speaking out about this potential forced land acquisition? If someone forced you to sell, would this win friends and influence people? It sounds to me that the Mildenbergers are willing to negotiate with a reasonable plan. Why isn’t the county considering this? Instead, a $58k appraisal… someone is overcharging! What a deal. Plus a lawsuit if the county proceeds. I wonder what this will cost?

Why do the commissioners get to decide what is right or wrong for the community? How do they really know exactly what is right? Forced acquisition… how is this right? I would bet a lot that you would not appreciate someone forcing you to sell. It is theft! You are violated. This is not okay. The American people have deluded themselves into thinking this is freedom and justice. It is NOT!

To build community, we must be willing to face one another directly and negotiate the matter with those involved. Until this happens, we perpetuate unhealthy society, angry people, and triangulation. This is not a recipe for a dynamic thriving community. What are we thinking, or are we thinking at all? Habitually doing the same thing? Shall we choose a different way of showing up in the world? or continue down the path that leads to destruction?

Chris Martin


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