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Dr. Christensen was our family doctor and we were very happy with him. The way the trial turned out was unbelievable. My wife and I went to the trial several times and we were amazed to see what a rigged, planned, smear campaign it was.

First, the judge would not allow people to testify for how good of a doctor he was. Supposedly because it had nothing to do with opioids, which is what the case was supposed to be about. The prosecutor brought in people from Medicare and Medicaid to try and make Dr. Christensen sound bad because he opted out of dealing with them. They also tried to claim he didn’t operate cheaper than any other doctor. Neither of those things had anything to do with what the case was supposedly about either. If that is not smearing, I do not know what is.

He wrote prescriptions to people who lied to him. Is that his fault? Of course not! The liars sold their prescriptions on the street. Is that his fault? NO!

There is a lot more that could and should be shown on what a corrupt, rigged trial it was. It is horrendous that they are able to do this to such a good doctor. It amazed me that the jury could not see through it. Is there no common sense left anymore?! I guess not. You think the hot coffee lawsuit was crazy… this is crazier! I have zero confidence in the justice system. There is no justice. An aggressor came in and is trying to take out an innocent man.

Thad Leonardi


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