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Essen is wrong

Continued rabid anti-Republican drivel and whining from Marty Essen who moved to Victor from a liberal state.


How is it the fault of Republicans when most of this murder happens in anti-gun large cities (traditionally Democratic) such as Chicago (which sees more gun deaths than our soldiers in overseas combat, by the way) and Detroit, if not entire states such as anti-gun California and New York (Democratically controlled).  Since Essen throws in the race card, I’ll note that most gun crimes in anti-gun Chicago/Detroit/Baltimore are black on black, and I’ll remind Essen again, they are traditionally anti-gun Democrats in anti-gun Democrat strongholds.  Yet Essen blames Republicans for standing in the way.


Gun deaths and police violence were very prevalent when Obama was president, even on anti gun liberal fronts such as Berkeley University/California. Reminder for Essen: not a Republican area.


Sandy Hook is a ‘gun free’ zone because of the ‘Improving America’s Schools Act of 1994’, which was introduced to a democratically controlled 103rd Congress (on both sides) Congress by a democrat and signed into law by a democrat president. Perhaps those Sandy Hook children would would not have been murdered if that school (and all the others in this nation) has been allowed to protect those children.


(This entire mass shooting in schools angers me immensely. The reality is, no matter what, bad stuff happens. Why are we not preparing against it by training our school staffs in better protecting our children? We wring our hands as unprotected children die at the hands of a mental lunatic while we wait for another gun toting person to arrive that always takes way too long. The sign in front of the school should not state “gun free zone” that translates to “target rich environment” but “Deadly Force Used in Protection of Children”.)


Essen cries about global warming, yet contributes heftily to it by his worldly travels. The definition of this is “hypocrite,” just like all the other liberal elitists that do the same thing (Gore, Obama, Dicaprio, etc.)


Essen cries about “How does police violence apply to Republicans?” I suggest he look at how that played out when Obama was president. Further, the sad reality is that no matter who is in charge politically at any level, government protects the police, all the way up to Supreme Court decisions. I strongly suggest to Essen and everyone reading this that you put political affiliation aside and unite on this, as government now seems against the People, and for large companies/special interests.


Essen constantly rants and rails against guns as he lives in our great pro-gun state. He should move back to his native state of Minnesota, which happens to be liberally controlled, yet lots of guns in that state. Better yet, he should move to one of those Democratic stronghold anti gun cities of Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore. Or, since he wants for Australia, move there, using a sailboat of course, since that will not contribute to his global warming concerns.


Mike Miller

7 Responses to Essen is wrong
  1. Harry Donaldson
    October 7, 2017 | 4:37 am

    Micheal, Micheal, Micheal. Instead of spewing out attempts of offending people and repeat many overused catchphrases, why are you not open to intelligent ideas? In your haste to cast aspersions, you have failed to answer the questions asked? With the death tolls from gun related incidents rising, how many more avoidable slaughters, murders, killings are you willing to allow before America actually stops and realizes its system is long outdated and broken? You start by saying I’m telling…I’m suggesting. The saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it! As I asked in my post… how’s your system working out for you so far? Tell me again as the rest of the world is reading about (yet another!) mass shooting in America. How many has it been there just this year? There have been so many I seem to have lost count. Compare that to Australia!
    In your ramblings you mentioned you “kicked that crown back!” What does this have to do with the issue at hand? Please try to keep on track and stop sounding aloof. It really does not do much to prove your credibility or logic. However, since it was you who brought war up, who did America call on and come to help (even when it was NOT Australias war!)? But that really is irrelevant!
    You label gun control as “punishing” innocent people. That is rich. Are you saying that anyone should have free range to semi automatic weapons and concealable weapons. Irregardless of their mental state of mind (depressed, with anger issues, on mood regulating medication, a jealous wife or husband), extreme religious viewpoint (Christian, Muslim or any obscure sect or cult) to purchase guns, maybe stock up an arsenal and act out what they want on whom they want? Reading your response, you make it obvious that you have the “us” and “them” mentality, are very quick to get extremely defensive and aggressive to those who call you to make logic, intelligent arguments to support your stance. Such traits coming from someone so passionate about being able to have guns to help solve problems is cause for alarm, if I must say so.
    You proudly claim that owning guns is your right and I have to admit that it is your right! Can you show me where I ever said it is not your right? If you actually took the time to actually read my post, you will see I said that people are quick to cry about their rights, but have no substance when it comes to accountability when someone abuses the rights. With rights comes responsibility. When people are required to show their willingness to earn their “rights” by going through a qualifying process, people feel persecuted. After all, they are so used to getting what they want with such ease, anything else is victimizing! And some people say youth are spoilt and expect everything to be given to them on a silver platter. Hypocrisy.
    You say that I say to take away guns from people who have done nothing wrong? Where the hell do you get this from what I said? Did you actually read what I wrote, or were you partially intoxicated when reading? As mentioned, it’s not about taking people’s guns away (well maybe in extreme cases) but about making sure that guns are available to people who are responsible, as well as possible. You say there are hundreds of millions of guns in America. Did you ever stop to ask “Why do Americans need that many guns? How is that improving things? Are people really so blasé about children and youth being exposed to so many guns?” Seriously, why do Americans need that many guns? Are you compensating on something you lack, are so insecure that you “need” guns, do they fill an emptiness and does anyone know how to intelligently and maturely solve issues without feeling the need for guns? Please Micheal, stop carrying on on a tangent and focus on the actual issue and questions at hand! Do you also really believe the average person on the street needs to have access to semi automatic weapons and if so, what reasonable situation is it called for? Oh, another thing you are completely wrong about in your assumptions is that I live in America. I am soooooo fortunate and seriously glad to say that I do not! Remember that when you assume, you make an ass out of you and m… well, just you to be honest!
    So, once again, please stick to the issues mentioned and have logical, intelligent, researched facts as how you personally have a go at, attempt feebly to argue against my points (you were weren’t you? I can’t tell as there is no sensible counter argument, just ramblings about “YOUR country” and “OUR country” and about some irrelevant war victory)! Please try to keep things factual and somewhat decent. That’s the boy!
    I also believe you mean “Anchors AWAY mate and g’day! What you wrote was misspelled “aweigh, Mate, and G’day!” It could be interperated the way you wrote it as you wanted to mate me in a drifting boat! No thank you you sick person, I’m a happily married man! Once again, keep it factual, keep it precise and keep it sensible please!

  2. Joseph Allen
    October 6, 2017 | 4:35 pm

    Having read Mary Essen’s letter and the “rebuttal” by Mike Miller, I find the latter to be completely without substance or solutions. Miller seems to dribble personal insults and blame on the former administration without any substantiation. What is a “liberal elite” and a “liberal state?” While we’re at it, let’s blame Obama for the hurricanes and forest fires too, Mr. Miller. Perhaps there should be the offering of “thoughts and prayers” for the victims rather than face the serious gun issues as well as mental health issues that confound the nation and propose real bipartisan solutions. I guess if you live in a “less than urban” setting that your perspective is regretfully, “less than urban” or national, even though the last time I checked, this was the United States of America. Gun issues are a national conundrum, not isolated to urban environments. Miller also suggests that we put our political differences aside and unite; yet in the next breath, he continues his condemnation of where someone lives. It is often typical for those of his ilk to say “if you don’t like it, leave.” That reminds me of the rancid “America, Love It or Leave It” attitude in the 60’s and 70’s Vietnam era. I have a better saying: “America, Change It or Lose It.”

    • Mike Miller
      October 9, 2017 | 6:06 pm

      You’re really going to make the blanket claim of my letter having no substance? It was in direct and almost by paragraph order in response to Essen’s letter, so the bipartisan answer you seek is they are of equal value, yet you attack only mine. I specifically mentioned things, such as “103rd Congress”. If I really need to sit down and explain to you the answer to “What is a “liberal elite” and a “liberal state?” “, you make sure you ask Essen the exact same but switch ‘liberal’ to ‘republican’ or feel free to use the word ‘conservative’.

      If you wish to blame a president for natural disasters, go ahead and bring that strawman argument into the conversation; I will ignore it.

      You mention mental health. I absolutely believe that is a huge factor in our gun problems (along with a lessening of what many seem to consider life’s sanctity). I believe part of our mental problems lay with some of the medications available on the market. Those medications are made by companies with HUGE wallets employing very good lobbyists, and are approved by the government representatives (Rep Danny Rehberg was a great example of both of those). Those same representatives (both sides) who somehow become millionaires in just a few years from $175,000 yearly with two home expenses now have made those companies legally part of the voting process. No more ‘we the people’, it’s now ‘we the corporations/special interests’, but in reality that’s been happening since the 1850s. Both sides are responsible for this, yet it is ‘we the people’ who continue to vote these same people who are responsible for the problems. All based on party platform, not our Constitution (I disagree with Repubs taking a party pledge). I, for one, am tired of neither Dems or Repubs fixing our problems and believe THEY are the problems. No matter which is in charge, the old problems continue and new one arise. I no longer do the same thing hoping for a different result. It’s also my opinion someone sitting behind a desk hundreds or thousands miles away being swarmed by special interests will not ultimately act in my favor. I am ultimately the only person responsible for taking care of myself; I need to read the labels, and when special interest controlled desk jockeys in D.C. restrict or alter the labels, it’s my responsibility to be aware that happened and extend my knowledge accordingly. I speak in this instance of the food labeling issues several years ago dealing with country of origin/organic labeling. Again, this goes back to big business/special interests and Zinke helped that happen.

      You mention gun problems not being isolated to just urban areas. I agree. It certainly is magnified in urban areas, though, and so are gun control laws. When one willingly gives up their right or means to self protection, evil will clearly prey on the weak. The sad fact is where gun control laws are the strictest, the gun violations (murders) are the worst. Gun control laws are not working. It’s easier to kill someone and take their stuff when they have no means to stop you, just like a wolf preying on a calf instead of a bull.

      Conveniently for you, you don’t even bring up the hypocrisy of Essen continuing to contribute his own global warming concerns, and the democrats being the ones who took away the ability of schools to defend themselves from attackers. Duly noted. Also duly noted: no mention of any democratic presidents (or Congressional Bills) re installing White House solar house panels to replace the ones removed.

      You state “last time I checked, this was the United States of America”. I agree, which is why I’ve mentioned the Constitution and it’s Rights. I’ll repeat myself: both parties violate that and I’ve noted that, unlike Essen, you, and many others. I never condemned someone for where they live, but I did suggest they move to places that are already established the way they want, especially if it’s where they came from in the first place. If Essen is anti gun, that is his Right. It is NOT his Right to take someone else’s gun who has committed no crime and had a trial by jury. If Essen makes his living by contributing to the very global warning he screams about, he should be the change he says he wants. Ride a bicycle, do internet presentations, help at the local non profit recycling place. I’ll also repeat that maybe getting off the party bus will help change this. I think there is too much ‘party’ and not enough Constitution.

      I’ll go back to the environmental/global warming thing, since Essen continues to bring this up. I publically challenged him to do something about it, even at a local level, using the example of a young person who offered a world wide solution. If Essen responded, I’m not aware of it. Did I miss the news Essen has started contributing to the local non profit recycling place or worked with state or federal level government representative to introduce a Bill for more detailed recycling? Please let me know if I have, because I’d like to know more about it.

      I offer this as a solution: We need to get off the political party bus and start joining together as neighbors and communities to see a REAL solution. When we condemn (e.g., republicans violating the Constitution with Patriot Act, then screaming about the democratic health care act when BOTH issues/sides are wrong by the Constitution). Education is the answer, which, sadly, we no longer seem to take a priority.

      Further, Mr Allen, since the subject of environmental concerns both of us (and Essen rants constantly about it yet does nothing about it), would you be interested in sitting down and seeing what we can do about making a difference at state or local level?

  3. Carolyn Walker
    October 6, 2017 | 3:48 pm

    WRONG! Indiana is next door to Chicago and that state has very weak gun laws! Don’t blame Chicago for something it cannot control!

    • Mike Miller
      October 6, 2017 | 6:20 pm

      WRONG!! The laws in Chicago are the laws in Chicago, period. What is the law in Indiana is irrelevant to the law in Chicago. You conveniently (or ignorantly?) leave out the laws of Illinois, the state Chicago is in. You make it clear that Chicago can not control their own laws.

  4. Harry Donaldson
    October 6, 2017 | 12:22 am

    As someone coming from Australia, I have to say that this argument is not or should not be about one political party or the other, but America needs a political party that has the integrity, inner fortitude and strength of character to take a stand where others have failed. Americans cry out, beat their chests and scream about their “right” to bear arms, but are too quick to shirk the responsibilities that come with this right! You use the argument that to control gun problems is to have more guns available to bring the situations under control? Interesting theory.
    If you want to see how a viable (and an intelligent) option works, let’s look at Australia. After a horrific mass shooting (not as horrific and terrible as the ones you on America have witnessed or suffered through) the prime minister took the unprecedented move to put in place gun control! True, there was a hell of a lot of ruffled feathers, people saying that the government was trying to disarm the masses, it was surprising people’s rights and all the other arguments and whining that go along with it. I’m sure the writer of this post and many readers can write a list of arguments against this! However, the regulations were put into place and will remain there. To say that doing something like this won’t work in America, I call “B.S!” Firstly, it is not about taking away the right to guns, it is about being responsible, accountable and earning the right. The style of gun available was also changed. Semi automatic and automatic guns were no longer able to be kept by gun owners. Let’s be really honest for a second if it is possible. Who in their right mind could possibly say that people have a need for such weapons? Australians still have guns and are allowed to use them, hunt and control problem animals. There is no problem about not being able to “bear arms!” there, so that cop out excuse won’t work. I challenge you! Compare the number of Americas gun related “incidents” to those in Australia and see how the accessibility to guns with ease is working out for American victims and their families so far.
    This is not about political stances. It is about fixing a system that is so obviously is not working, even at the cost of upsetting gun loving, patriotic people. It will not be a popular move, but how is the system working for you so far? Just an observation…it seems like the numbers each shooting is getting higher each time? What is the highest death toll it will take before people will stop and make a change? Thoughts and prayers are all good and easy to say, but what is needed is actual action. I wish America good luck with that. I very sincerely do. It’s disheartening each time I hear of yet another “shooting rampage” news item from America.

    • Mike Miller
      October 6, 2017 | 6:41 pm

      Oh, that’s nice, someone from Australia telling us how to run our country. You’re right, mate, we do beat our chest about our Right, because it is LITERALLY OUR RIGHT. If you want to punish the vast majority of people who do in fact exercise this Right responsibly in YOUR country, go back over there. In OUR country, we’re not supposed to punish people who have not been convicted of any crime. Maybe you missed that part of British History, where we kicked that crown back. You say “it is not about taking away the right to guns, it is about being responsible, accountable and earning the right”, then stop saying we need to take guns away from people who haven’t done anything wrong. It’s estimated that there are hundreds of millions of guns and gun owners in America who have done NOTHING WRONG, yet you, Essen, and others advocate punishment and forfeiture of their property without charges or due process.

      Go get Essen and the both of you go back to Australia, and since Essen screams about fossil fuels and global warming, you’ll be taking a sailboat.

      Anchors aweigh, Mate, and G’Day!

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