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Support for Quist

For eighteen months now in an effort to buy an office, any office, Greg Gianforte and his monied friends in DC have flooded our airwaves and mailboxes with a barrage of negative ads. His latest line of attack is to tell us we can’t trust a man who doesn’t pay his bills. However, in the original Billings Gazette story it says Rob Quist settled up with hospitals and creditors. Any of us who’ve had major surgery, even successful ones without complications, know how long this can take when you’re not a billionaire.
You know who doesn’t pay his bills? Greg’s new BFF Donald Trump. The man’s declared bankruptcy several times. He has a long history of stiffing contractors and employees. He defrauded students at his sham university. Greg tells us he’s backing Trump in everything he does, even as this con artist and his children are using the office of the Presidency to enrich themselves at our expense, from billing taxpayers for all services at the weekly vacations to Mar-A-Lago, to using official diplomatic visits to get personal branding trademarks from China, to supporting the repressive regime in Turkey because of Junior’s hotel developments there. The last four months alone have been like watching Valerie Stamey operate out of the Oval Office.
Greg’s right, we can’t trust just anyone. Which is why we should not send him to Washington to help Trump defraud the rest of us. Vote Rob Quist for Congress on May 25th.
Rebecca Schmitz

One Response to Support for Quist
  1. C. Hays
    May 18, 2017 | 4:25 am

    Rebecca Schmitz your credibility went down the tubes with your filthy language. If Montanans want Nancy Pelosi to be their next Congressional Representative Rob Quist is their man. Rob Quist has completely sold out to her thinking and that their relationship would completely secure his election. Electing Rob Quist would establish Montana on Nancy Pelosi’s Chess Board!
    C. Hays

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