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Happy with Trump

The electoral vote serves the same purpose today as it did when our forefathers designed it. They had the wisdom to see that the sparse population spreading across vast territory away from the center of power in the east would have no voice. It would take a great argument to convince me it should be changed.
The election of President Trump is a legal election, a result of much unhappiness and discontent in past elected officials. Also, hope that President Trump can fulfill promises to solve many of our problems, promises he is working on now, promises he is keeping despite the political animosity he is facing.
To the best of my knowledge we have had few saints in the White House. We have had a president whose sexual predations were testified to by more than one and seen and heard on TV. Certainly, both Republicans and Democrats were shocked and disapproved of Bill Clinton’s actions and those of his wife Hillary who called those women victims bimbos and trailer trash. I did not see the vitriolic hatred, rioting and marching during those revelations.
During the Clinton administration a well-known journalist, Sam Donaldson, said on TV that the sexual high jinks of JFK were well known by the press but it was kept quiet. Referring to Clinton, he said that would never happen again. I saw it, I heard it, it’s a fact.
There are still sources for facts, truth and unbiased reporting. Judicial Watch, the Heritage Foundation and yes, FNC. There are those in the mainstream media who admit their bias. It is not easy to maintain a belief in conservative principles when we are constantly being bombarded from the left with names that end in “phobe” or racist.
There is an evident transparency that cannot be concealed except by misleading actions like quoting out of context, simply not reporting a full story or both sides of a dispute and always political correctness and political doublespeak. It is up to us to sort fact from fiction and innuendo.
There are facts we must face, all of us despite political affiliation. When one party is responsible for the majority of appointments and hirings, that policital party has too much power. Most of our judicial is Democrat. That kind of power made it possible for Hillary Clinton to get by with actions that would put you or me into jail. FBI Director Comey is an Obama appointee. Hillary Clinton is part of an incredibly powerful political and money-making machine. The Trump opposition is trying to blame her loss on some imagined and nefarious collusion between Pres. Trump and Vladimir Putin. Even Joe Biden said (caught on TV) the Russians didn’t lose the election, Hillary lost it.
Freedom of the press? How much is left when only one source that I know of gives us both sides of a dispute, FNC, versus CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc?
Freedom of speech? How much is left when our major institutes of higher education either don’t allow conservative speakers or allow the students to shout down speakers? That is called indoctrination and I know for a fact it exists because I detected it when my children were in grade school. They are now grandparents. Indoctrination in schools has been a very long problem.
I do not hate Hillary Clinton or the Democrats. But I am happy that we have now a President who puts America first, wants to and has already brought back jobs, wants to stop illegal immigration and the flow of drugs into our country, and protect us from ISIS infiltration. Am I the only one who hears him state these aims? How can such aims for our people foment such venomous hatred?
Joyce McConaha, Stevensville

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  1. Howard
    April 19, 2017 | 3:38 pm

    Joyce, you are extremely naive if you think Fox News is giving you “both sides of the dispute.” I am sickened by their coverage of the Trump presidency so far. I happened to see Fox News’ coverage of the failed raid in Yemen early in Trump’s presidency. A Navy Seal and an innocent young girl were killed, the guy we were trying to kill wasn’t even there at the time, and we lost a $75 million airplane, but Fox News had nothing but positive things to say about the mission. They were singing Trump’s praises. We quickly found out that Trump made the decision to proceed with this mission over dinner with his son-in-law and Steve Bannon. What are their qualifications in these matters? Tell me, honestly, if this had happened under Obama (or Hillary Clinton), what would the tone of Fox News’ coverage have been? I’ll tell you. They would have been calling for impeachment.

    Fox News is a 24h pro-Trump infomercial, plain and simple.

    Also, on your point about the electoral college, it’s main purpose was to prevent someone dangerously unqualified and incompetent from becoming president. The founders understood the potential for a con-man to garner enough votes to get elected and created the electoral college to protect us from our own ignorance. Unfortunately, the electors are controlled by the political parties (another thing the founders warned us against), so it failed to work as intended.

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