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Core Christian values lacking

Christian churches globally will soon celebrate Easter. Christians in other countries must wonder how so many Christians in America voted for a lifelong, unrepentant sexual predator for President.
This President sexually assaulted not only many women, but, as the owner of the Teen USA Pageant, entered the dressing room of the teens when he knew they would be in various stages of undress, even naked. He bragged on radio at their shock and their lovely bodies. The new ‘First Lady’ made much of her modeling career in Europe posing nude, even girl on girl, for ‘men’s’ magazines.
He pushed for repeal of the Affordable Care Act by adding repeal of items from Medicaid such as glasses for poor children. He is set on denying life-saving medical care to tens of millions of Americans
Campaigning, he praised bombing civilians as a way to pressure warring armies into submission. Under his Administration, the number of such casualties is skyrocketing. Women, children, hospitals, aide convoys, etc. are now deliberate targets. Our military admits we have been party to this carnage.
Any Republican who still blindly supports this President is no patriot. They seem not to care that their five-time draft dodger President, his family and minions colluded with our worst enemy, Russia, to grab control of our country. Straight from the dictator playbook, he immediately began attacking precious American institutions such as a free press, an independent judiciary, voting, the rights of free speech and assembly, etc.
I pray Christians reflect on Christ’s instruction re how to treat our brethren, including ‘others’ like the Samaritan. Remember: Jesus chose a body that was brown skinned, dark eyed, long haired, fully bearded, and Arabic. At Easter, and as we elect a new Congressman, I pray Christian Republicans will resist blind Party voting and return to core Christian beliefs.
Claire L. Kelly

One Response to Core Christian values lacking
  1. Mike in Stevensville
    April 5, 2017 | 6:13 pm

    Well Claire, what kind of ‘good christian’ are you to judge and condemn these people? You should be praying for them, according to your ‘bible’. Matthew 7:1 (and many others)

    Meanwhile, you have fun getting ready to celebrate your pagan activities of a rabbit spreading chicken eggs all over the place.

    “Easter” is actually named after “Eostre”, the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe, and in many ancient cultures throughout the world this was a celebration of the Spring Equinox/earth fertility (crops) starting anew.

    This “easter” you celebrate in name of “jesus” isn’t even on the correct day of his supposed arising.

    Makes me wonder what kind of ‘good christian’ you really aren’t.

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