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Support for Quist

Hordes of dark money have grossly corrupted both political parties. How much does Greg Gianforte stand above and against corruption? How much does Rob Quist stand above and against corruption?
We are three months into a five-month historical opportunity to support a Republican or a Democrat for the US House. Special Election Ballots will be in our mail, in a little over a month from now. Many people in Montana will like usual, timely complete and mail in their ballot.
Of course, the most slanderous TV ads will be broadcast when the ballots are mailed out to registered voters.
After Election Day, May 25, 2017, Rob Quist may, or may not, be the Montana Representative to work with House Democrats to push back, also claw back on Paul Ryan’s plans of austerity for many. Prosperity for the 1%. Especially Speaker Ryan’s big plan of tax reform, now that Republicans control House and Senate and Administration.
What an unusual historical opportunity. The Montana GOP and Congress candidate Greg Gianforte are 100% for the Trump Administration!
Take a look at latest Gallup numbers. Trump popularity is trending down. What an opportunity for Montana to have a Democratic candidate for Congress run against a Republican candidate identifying with President Trump.
The Trump downtrend line started after the January disclosures of the three stages of Russian intervention in the 2016 USA federal election. President Trump lost popularity with USA military personnel understanding how much the Trump election organization and campaign did to set the stage for a weakened NATO. USA military knows how much Putin wants a weakened NATO.
Right now would have been an historical opportunity to have in place a fully operational campaign for a Democrat for Congress. Right now when Secretary Tillerson is scheduled to skip a meeting of NATO Ministers of Defense, and go directly to Russia.
Right now when we read that General Flynn was involved in several criminal activities. Right now when we connect the dots. Paul Manafort went from Mugabe, on to five years working for Putin and Russian oligarchs, then on to five months of improving and re-directing the Trump campaign in 2016.
Right now is an historical opportunity for the USA to cut out the Russian cancers infiltrating the body politic. Right now when every week there’s more breaking stories of USA agents coordinating with Russian agents. And more million dollar money trails to follow. Right now when the FBI announces that Trump associates are the subject of counter-intelligence and criminal investigations based on recorded conversations dating back to June, 2016.
Right now when connecting the dots, the MT GOP, and the Trump Administration and the Putin Russian government have similar socio-economic policies. Women do not have the right to make their own health and family decisions. Non-heteros do not have civil rights. Corporations have prior rights on air, water and people. TransCanada LP of Canada can install the Keystone XL Pipeline, because global warming is not a big problem. USA central planning must help Putin and oligarchs produce more crude oil. And pipeline more natural gas. Voters and climate change activists must be suppressed.
Right now would be a great time to have available yard signs and bumper stickers and timely Facebook information.
However, please remember context. There’s only one Sanders supporter on the DNC transition team.
From what I have gathered, neither the DNC or the Montana Democratic Party is yet actively campaigning for Rob Quist for Congress.
Don’t get mad. Get beyond even. Get active. If you want Rob Quist in Congress you’d better get to work to help elect Rob Quist to represent Montana in the People’s House under the control of Paul Ryan.
You couldn’t ask for a better debate match up than Greg Gianforte and Rob Quist.
How about a meet and greet and at least a panel discussion with Rob Quist and Greg Gianforte right here in Ravalli County? Help finance through crowd funding, selling bumper stickers and TV rights.
Time for democracy to put some direction in the final weeks of the 2017 Montana campaign for Congress.
Bob Williams

One Response to Support for Quist
  1. charles sleath sr
    April 5, 2017 | 9:53 pm

    It’s refreshing to see someone that wants to go to Washington and work for the people of Montana and not just Montana or other out of State interests. I don’t think he wants to go to Washington to “drain the swamp”, but to help clean it up so it’s fit to live and work in. I don’t think he wants go to Washington to fight anyone but will fight for the people of Montana when he has to. I don’t think he wants to go to Washington and demand a balanced budget or not get paid. ( that’s like you or I buying a Cadillac then going to work and asking for a cut in pay). He didn’t come here with a silver spoon in his mouth and a million dollars in his pocket. He’s from here. I’m tired of millionaires and billionaires claiming to represent my and my state. Let’s take our country back and send Rob Quist to Washington!

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