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Don’t reduce Medicaid

I am a resident of Mountain View Manor Nursing Home (48 bed) in Eureka, Montana. Montana House Bill 2 would reduce the amount of Medicaid that the state gives to nursing homes. It would harm my quality of care. According to our Administrator, it could potentially reduce our reimbursement as much as $80,000 to $100,000 a year, making quality of care more difficult and limiting raises for staff. I’m afraid staff will seek other employment. Most already have another job to supplement their income.
I know Medicaid is expensive but why punish those who have no other means of support and they are old or sick. I worked all my adult life until my Multiple Sclerosis got so bad that after 19 years with the San Diego County and San Diego Superior Court I took a disability retirement. My retirement income is $41,000 a year with $40,400 going for my care and I keep $50 a month for personal needs as mandated by Medicaid for a total of $600 a year.
I don’t understand why I am a second class citizen because I got sick and old. If a committed a crime and went to jail I would have all medical and dental care for free. Plus I pay for my clothes, haircuts, over-the-counter drugs, etc. Prisoners get it for free. I receive limited Medicaid. Why are prisoners more important than people in nursing homes? My body is broken but my mind and spirit are alive and well.
Please call (406) 444-4800 House and Senate to leave a message to not take Medicaid from Seniors and Nursing Homes.
Antoinette Newman
Eureka, MT

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