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Senator Daines’ outlandish demands that Senator Tester immediately endorse Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice is an insult to my intelligence. Isn’t Daines the same Senator who refused to give Obama’s nominee even an interview for nine months? Isn’t Daines part of the party that, before the November election, threatened to never seat a Clinton nominee if she won? He is. Did I hear Daines chastising his fellow Republicans for such trash talk? I did not. How does this blatant hypocrisy work? Does he think we’re stupid? Or that we suffer from short term memory loss?
Sen. Tester is a patriot, not a puppet. I trust him to represent me. That means careful vetting of any nominee. There hasn’t even been a hearing yet. And, thanks to Daines and his fellows, we’ve been without a full Supreme Court for more than 11 months. He obviously didn’t think having a full court was important when the shoe was on the other foot. Daines forfeited all moral right to make any comments about Tester’s decisions concerning Supreme Court Justices.
There is no reason for Tester to pay any attention to him. Neither should we.
Pat Tucker

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  1. Claire L Kelly
    March 1, 2017 | 2:52 pm

    Thank you Pat Tucker for your Letter re Sen Daines. He is a disgrace to MT and the Senate. I ‘joined’ one of his telephonic Town Halls. His aides screened the questions, allowing only approved questions. The experience was a sham.

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