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How to create more prosperity

I think we should make the corporations pay their fair share. CEOs should only get paid what McDonald’s managers get paid, and the corporations should pay the same tax that a young vibrant working male pays. This would help repair the roads that are in disrepair like the RR tracks crossing by Ace Hardware and the Fairgrounds. I think property tax should decrease, make the corporations pay for schools to provide better employees and offer “free lunches” for everyone.
I think we should all get government jobs so that all wages can be provided by our neighbors and controlled by the bureaucrats (government workers) and equalized by forced arbitrary wage laws. This sounds fair to me. Never-mind that the money needed to pay all the people working would come from where? thin-air or property tax or where exactly?
All the new buildings the government builds, I think I deserve one of those too. I drive thru cities which have beautiful old buildings that are being renovated for government offices. I have work to do and need a “free” place to do business. Why can’t I get one of those free buildings for my business? I want someone else to steal money from property owners and people with jobs so that I can have some of that great stuff for my non-profit and my benefits to humanity. I should write a grant. Do I sound like a two year old throwing a tantrum?
As the available “free” money grows, the people stop working. Why work and innovate and produce when you can steal from your neighbor’s property? As the productive people stop providing for the unproductive, taxes (I mean stolen money) decreases, and loans and bailouts increase. As our money is devalued, no one benefits.
Let’s use force and theft to create more prosperity and peace. That makes sense to me!
Chris Martin

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