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Bad investments


Apparently times are not that tough at Town Hall. In the budget for this year, which will have been voted by now, $5,000 for a dumpster to be modified to start a recycling program in Stevensville. The idea is a good one and we recycle, newspaper, tin, plastic and aluminum. Where this contract goes wrong is Stevensville pays for the dumpster, then pays Bitterroot Recycling monthly to service the dumpster and finally Stevensville pays for the cubic yards removed and sold by Bitterroot Recycling. This is like writing and open ended check not knowing how many cubic yards will be deposited. Is there really a need when the service is available in Missoula or Hamilton, neither of which is that far away?
The Town also wants to invest in a Bicycle Rest Stop facility. I would imagine somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 to build and equip the building. I went on the site for the example of Twin Bridges. The founder of that facility estimated, according to the video, that it brought in $6,000 of new revenue. He did not know that for a fact. It was his estimate. Assuming he is right, how many years would you have to see that increase to cover the cost of the building alone? Further, the Town, which would make the investment, would not be getting the largest return. Then there is the cost of insurance, heating and maintaining the structure. When there are so many other places (swimming pool, sidewalks, completing the annex building) for which the Town needs this money, it is insane to think of investing money in this idea.
Clayton D. Floyd Jr.

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