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Pertaining to Treasurer Stamey


It was touching to see the piece in the news about Suzy’s great compassion for Valerie Stamey, what a wonderful move to take the blame off of herself and her erroneous decisions. “I’m ashamed of the way we treated her.”

You should be ashamed that you put yourself and her ahead of the Citizens of Ravalli County.

Yes, Suzy it was you, with first Kanenwisher, and then Burrows, who took his place beside you and Stoltz who have been wrong for Ravalli County. The election which put you and the others in place also put you in control of who would be the Treasurer.

It was amazing that the Tea Party of all organizations exhorting freedom told all of those at their meeting to be sure and only vote Republican, not just because someone was qualified, that wouldn’t do.

After Mary Hudson Smith, who was elected as Treasurer because she changed her political party to Republican, and after three months of incompetence decided to resign, despite the many phone calls and emails exhorting the Commissioners to do it right, it was decided again to appoint as Treasurer another who proclaimed to be Republican, thus this was the Deputy Treasurer under JoAnne Johnson, Marie Keeton, who before the election was trained, by the way, by JoAnne Johnson.

And Suzy, it’s my understanding that you said there must have been problems in the treasurer’s office before Stamey since there had been five treasurers. Say what?! Let’s see…

There was Mary Kay Browning, 18 years, JoAnne Johnson, 8 years trained by Mary Kay, and then came the election which put in Mary Hudson Smith (who resigned because she couldn’t do the job). Then came the one you chose, Mary Keeton. She, like Kanenwisher, left the state for personal reasons.

Then came again Stamey, your second time choice. First time she hadn’t lived here long enough. Obviously a friend or who knows what other reason.

One of us is not good at counting. Both Mary Kay Browning and Joanne Johnson had many years at their job, and were well liked. That makes two with no complaints from those who worked for them and none from Ravalli County citizens.

Then came the election with special instruction.

So the way I count, since you came along there has been one elected who couldn’t do the job, one you chose who took her place and left for personal reasons.

And then came Stamey! Your choice. Your blunder.

How dare you, Burrows, blame the people of Ravalli County “for firing accusations” against Stamey. Why didn’t you check Stamey out to find what was true or false? It was the Commissioners’ job to know thoroughly what her past and present happened to be. You decided who was to work in, of ALL places, the Treasurer’s Office, as Treasurer handling millions of dollars belonging to the people and what was being “fired” at you was no doubt true. Now you tell us it was the citizens’ fault that you didn’t know. At any rate, if she can’t handle her own finances, why would you put her in charge of the citizens of Ravalli County’s tax dollars?

One last note. You made a commercial about how you had saved the County money. It certainly does not seem to be accurate. Perhaps if almost anyone else had been running against you in the election than the one who was your opponent, it would have meant you needed to find another job.

Again, I am an American who expects honesty and integrity, and freedom, not politics, to rule. My vote as it should be with all Americans is for the one who will work for our country and people with dedication and love for the citizens and our country.

Earla Johnson


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