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Airport meeting/Mayor Mim Mack


Regardless of what your opinion is of the Airport issue, you have to give Mayor Mim Mack credit for being well versed on the subject material. Someone from the FAA, that should have been there, could not have presented it more appropriately.

I was ‘remiss’ in allowing community members, as well as neighbors, to assume that since I am a Pilot, I am in favor of expansion. I have been an advocate of ‘no expansion’ of the Hamilton Airport, and found it interesting that several Commissioners were there interested in becoming involved after the fiasco that they have created in Hamilton for a ‘once approved’ plan.

Your best ‘advocates’ on ‘no expansion, and no ordinance changes’ were pilots, however, some chose to say, “Just get rid of the airport.” Sounds like someone that thinks “third grade was their senior year in high school.”

If that’s the case, since there are fewer church goers, let’s just get rid of churches, or, since there are fewer farmers, let’s just get rid of the farms.

Just remember, that Student Pilot that is learning how to fly at the Stevensville Airport today may be your Captain on the Skywest flight you take to Salt Lake City in 10 years!

Dan DePauw


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