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Voters send resounding message


The recent primary election results in Ravalli county sends a clear and strong message, which is simply, “Do The Right Thing.”

There is plenty of hindsight speculation about crossover votes, who voted, who are democrats, who are republicans.  Was the election stolen?  Is it unfair to be an open primary?  That’s fun stuff for those of us that are political junkies that are intrigued by all the mystic of how the world of politics works and plays out.  But, the truth is, most of us don’t really care about all the mystery stuff.  We are upset with all politics.  We are fearful of our nations future and we are angry about the do nothing gridlock and endless arguments between polarized political factions.  And that was reflected clearly in our voting last week.

We are voters.  We are a lot more than ‘labels’.  We are concerned folks that are trying hard to make a living, to stay put where we want to raise our families, and not have to relocate to a city or the Bakken to survive.  Really, it’s that simple.  Let us be and let us live.

A few days ago I was invited to visit with two ladies in Florence about their concerns regards the legislators not doing anything to resolve the health care needs here in Montana.  Their thoughts reflect many who are becoming angry over partisan politics, over gridlock right here at home, over the heavy handed over reach of what seems like and out of control federal government.  Real feelings from main stream people.  After my attempt at trying to explain the inside Helena reality of politics one of the ladies looked at me with big sad eyes and said, “why can’t they just do the right thing?”  You see the connection to last week?

The main stream voters in Ravalli county sent a very clear message.  “Please, just do the right thing.”  They are concerned, they have clout and this November they will be right back in the fray voting again.  Are we listening?

Ed Greef, Representative HD 90


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