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Dump Common Core


CC was designed by Bill Gates who’s had no formal education on writing educational programs, it’s not accountable to anyone and those running it have ties to Obama.

Your’re led to believe it has State Standards but there are none! It’s socialistically run by our govt. to control our children. The filed Race to the Top designed by Ted Kennedy being a disaster, our govt. told states they could op-out if they would take money and the yet written CC now being implemented in our schools.

It’s a one size fits all, no incentive for brighter students, or slower students to catch up.

Professionals stated it’s putting children 2 years behind in Math and English and won’t prepare them for college standards only socialist workers.

English is 50% informational text describing how America is responsible for destroying the planet. In WI. a CC assignment was write a paper Why the Govt was a family only better. NY showed math and reading plummeting 30%.

Reading materials designed to have atheistic and sexual views. An 11th grade class read “Bluest Eyes” college professors said it was so violent and pornographic they wouldn’t give it to their students. In KN. in a 6th grade hangs a poster How do people express feelings. The list, list explicit sexual ways! The school defended it as being Federally mandated.

CC makes math so complicated that a simple stacking problem taking 30 sec. now takes 8 min. In CA they found a 5th grade could not add or subtract independently.

Psychologist are finding students so dramatized by testing they are self mutilating, depressed with suicidal thoughts and no longer want to attend school.

CC is evil, dumbing our children and making learning something they loath. See Dangers and Threats to American Liberty and Education U-Tube.

Dee Gibney


Editor’s Note: The above letter is unedited and is printed exactly as submitted.

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