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Biblical imperatives


I have to admit that Mr. Stark’s recent letter entitled “Unethical Campaign Politics” has a certain emotional appeal. Even for me, the thought of mentioning the word “politics” from the pulpit seems abhorrent because of the filth and sin associated with the process. However, closer examination reveals unbiblical implications.

While a “particular ballot issue” need not be mentioned, the Biblical foundation upon which an issue rests must be expounded. There are issues that must be preached against such as the murder of the unborn and moral decadence generally. And, there must be Biblical instruction in holy living such as God’s instruction regarding marriage and what He teaches about monetary practices. When the Word of God is accurately expounded in depth, the Christian will know how to vote on an issue and which candidate to choose – if any! My Pastor has said that the Bible provides instruction in every aspect of life. The more I study, the more I know that to be true. Perhaps Mr. Stark and I agree up to this point.

To avoid any misunderstanding, I will state: The pulpit is not the place for voicing opinions, political or otherwise! The pulpit is only for expounding the Word of God!

Preaching, as I have described it, is neither immoral nor unethical. Yes, endorsing a candidate or instructing parishioners on how to vote on an issue is illegal, but only for a government incorporated church. And, incorporation, which is voluntary, is a monumental sin! (Rom. 6: 16)

Jesus Christ is the exclusive Head of the Church, which is His body! (Col. 1:18) In fact, all authority both in Heaven and earth is in His hands until He makes His enemies His footstool! (Ps. 110:1, I Cor.15:24 & 25, Rev. 19:16)

Robert Gairing, Ph.D.


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