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My last letter on this topic was titled “Mama’s Wisdom” and at the end of the letter I asked our three infamous County Commissioners how their appointments were working out for them. That was before the County Treasurer debacle surfaced and the Planning Board Chair was not reappointed so I believe my question has been answered. This letter deals with another of their appointments, Scott Boulanger, who says he is running for re-election as a state senator. I am not sure how that works as he was never elected but was appointed.

About a week ago we received a small election flyer in the mail from Scott and it was an interesting piece of work. There were two columns of statements—one focused on things that Scott is against and the other focused on some half truth/untruth mudslinging against my friend Pat Connell. I mentioned in my earlier letter how easy it is to be against something, but much harder to work on solutions. Scott’s flyer proved that if you don’t have any accomplishments to list the best tactic is to attack and discredit your opponent.

Then a few days ago we received an election flyer from Pat Connell—what a difference! Pat’s flyer mentioned the accomplishments he has had in the State House of Representatives. One that should be close to the heart and pocketbook of all Montanans is the act he wrote and sponsored to use funds for State firefighting efforts. It passed with broad support and has already saved us around 12 million dollars. That is just one of his many efforts to represent us. The entire flyer was positive and there were no negative comments about anyone, especially his opponent. This “high road” approach is just one example of his character and ethical standards. The behavior of “my way or the highway” we are seeing today in politics at all levels of government by members of both Democratic and Republican factions has created a gridlock that frustrates all of us.

It is time to elect people that can have differing philosophical beliefs but are willing to work together to find solutions for the benefit of all or most Americans. I believe Pat Connell is that the type of senator, and we all need to vote for him, regardless of our political parties.

Sonny LaSalle


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