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Would you believe?


This is of deep concern, as it is surprising that the three County Commissioners – Suzy Foss, Jeff Burrows, and Ron Stolz – who brought upon Ravalli County citizens deep humiliation and distress with the appointment that was made by them in regards to the Ravalli County Treasurer, have nevertheless put their names on the ballot and actually intend to run again to be Commissioners. How much more damage can they do?

There needs to be deep and investigative thought as to the competency of our County Commissioners. That thought ultimately brings us to the conclusion that very few of the things which the Commissioners have done, since they came into office, have brought anything but confusion and mismanagement.

Often, the apparent reason for hiring personnel, for instance, the Planning Office Administrator, one who was not chosen because he was the most qualified. Why was he chosen? Though they had an applicant with specialized training in this field nevertheless, this qualified man was not hired. This seems to be the Commissioners’ plan, we will hire whomever we want to hire, experienced or not.

Consider this, probably the worst debacle was the hiring of Valerie Stamey as County Treasurer. If they were incapable or unwilling to see that she could not perform as Treasurer, what other debacle will they lead the County of Ravalli into?

It was within the first month of her being “chosen” that she proved her training certainly did not cover the job of County Treasurer. She did not even fill the basic requirement of her job, which was to give reports and to make sure the variety of schools, library, fire departments, etc. received the monies that were due them from the citizens’ taxes. Those in the valley were now out of luck.

Though the entities in the valley did not receive their money from the taxpayers, Valerie Stamey received and is still receiving our money on administrative leave. How lovely to have all of that money and do nothing. Of course, if she decides to sue those in the County that she has threatened, she now has the currency from the taxpayers, courtesy of the Commissioners.

You three have given nothing to the Citizens of Ravalli County but pain and embarrassment.

Please show some integrity, Suzy Foss, Jeff Burrows and Ron Stolz and take your names off of the ballot.

Personally, my Dad was a Republican, my Mom a Democrat, so when voting what is of importance is Honesty, Integrity, Liberty and Freedom.

In this case, I say with Ronald Reagan, “Suzy Foss, Jeff Burrows, Ron Stoltz, take down those signs!”

Earla Johnson


5 Responses to Would you believe?
  1. Rick Borden
    May 19, 2014 | 12:58 am

    Thank you for the kind words, but I am still not sure what you see as the problem(s) on or before 2008 in the treasurer\’s office.As for Swandal\’s report, I feel confident you can find personal differences and petty jealousies in any office, even the commissioner\’s office.

  2. Rick Borden
    May 13, 2014 | 1:25 am

    Justin, your “real shame” would have happened in 2011 if your mother and Commissioner Stoltz could have convinced one other commissioner to vote with them. They succeeded in gaining an extra interview for the treasurer’s position. Who got that extra interview? Valerie Stamey. This can be confirmed by reading the minutes of the commissioner’s meetings for March 2 and 3, 2011. Then your mother, Commissioner Foss, and Commissioner Stoltz chose Stamey as one of their top two choices, but no one else voted with them.

    What exactly were the problems back in 2008? Two of the three people you, your mother, and Stamey want to blame didn’t work in the office until after 2008.

    • Justin Gordon
      May 15, 2014 | 7:16 pm

      Swandal wrote. “There were personal differences and petty jealousies among the county treasurer’s staff prior to Mrs. Stamey’s appointment in 2013.” – In fact he noted issues within the office going back to 2008. They had 3 treasurers in 3 years. It is pretty clear Mr. Borden.

    • Justin Gordon
      May 15, 2014 | 7:42 pm

      And please note Mr. Borden that if we disagree it does not change my respect and admiration for you and yours. I know you are a good man and love the valley.

  3. Justin Gordon
    May 8, 2014 | 1:52 am

    “deep humiliation and distress”

    – Way to lose all credibility with your first sentence. Holy cow the sky is falling on the Bitterroot, right? C’mon now the refusal of the staff of the treasurers office to perform their duties is on the staff not Stamey and we all know this. The very notion that everyone suddenly forgot how to do their jobs the moment Stamey walked in the door is absurd and whatever her merits or lackthereof it does not excuse the staff for choosing interoffice and party politics over duty.

    What magical bean suddenly made them no longer able to perform their tasks? Even if Stamey was incompetent that does not excuse the staff for neglecting their duties. They did not work for Stamey, they worked for the citizens of Ravalli County. They chose not to disburse monies just as they chose not to provide Stamey information and support with which to form her reports.

    If you are a decent person you will admit that you would not excuse any staff in any other realm for behaving thusly. You only espouse this case for your own party’s ends against the greater needs of your fellow citizens. You chose quarter truths to serve your case per some fantasy where since most of us don’t agree with you that means we are too dumb to see your transparent ploy. You are better than this, free yourself from subjugation to partisan politics and consider the whole truth not only the bits that serve your ill cause. The treasurers office was just the latest relic of the prior regime’s incompetence to be revealed as proven by the investigation. The real shame is they didn’t hire Stamey earlier so this whole mess could have blown up as it was destined to do and been dealt with much sooner.

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