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Please tell me it’s just a bad dream

By John Davenport, Hamilton

There are many campaign signs around the county now obscuring the view. Once again it is the season for placards promoting the political pornography rampant in Ravalli County. Unfortunately, I have seen many posters for Suzy Foss, Jeff Burrows, and the inscrutable Ron Stoltz. Most of these signs are posted in the scablands and derelict properties of the county and so might actually be an improvement. But, even so, please tell me it isn’t true. Are you three clowns, The Troika of Stupidity, really going to run for office again? Have you no shame? Do you really think that after your disastrous divisive tenure you would get re-elected?

The idea that these three would even have the gall to run for office again is absolutely amazing, an act of unbelievable arrogance, and should leave no doubt about how out of touch these foolish circus performers really are. I mean, please. I thought they would do the right and courageous thing by now and resign their positions for the benefit of the citizens of Ravalli County. But, one must never underestimate the knowledge that you surely have God’s anointing, the power of faith in the ignorance of some of the voters in this county, and, a healthy taxpayer-subsidized salary.

Perhaps they feel there is still more damage to be done and don’t feel they have fully completed the destruction of government services in Ravalli County along with the total alienation of most of the citizens. At least for those of us that actually think. These three have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. And all the reckoning and pending lawsuits have not been accounted for yet. Administrating county government is a little more complex than running a one-woman jewelry enterprise and cultivating the best noxious weed pastures in the valley. It also takes more effort than making sure your bunker is stocked with enough peanut butter and ammo for Agenda 21. And, No-Apology-Ron hasn’t uttered an intelligent one word sentence since his boy ventriloquist, Kanenwisher, left after his own soiling of Ravalli County. In fact, these people do not believe in any government and have actively sought to destroy it. While, I might add, getting paid for it. Oh, and of course, insurance, and mileage and accommodations to attend out of state meetings to learn how to participate and endorse further dysfunction and destruction. They have really accomplished a tremendous amount of chaos and pain with your money. And it isn’t over yet.

But one can’t blame them exclusively. You voters who put these fools in these positions are the culpable individuals. Did you all think that having an “R” by their names meant they would do the “right” thing? That it might mean “religious”? Is it just a knee jerk reaction with you to vote Republican no matter how crazy and incompetent the individual? Don’t you read, question, and seek out facts? These three never disguised their bizarre philosophy of government, which, of course, is no government. Unless, of course, one is getting a hefty salary and benefits from the government you actively seek to destroy.

And, they have never disguised their collective ignorance and incompetence. That is on display at every commissioners’ meeting and most every crazy decision and hire they make. It is also further stated in the public record when Suzy deigns to enlighten us with one of her incomprehensible editorials. One of the Missoula news programs interviewed Suzy at the height of the Stamey craziness and they filmed in The Queen of Morality’s office which had a large sign that spelled out “DUH!” in big letters. I believe that sums up the whole situation here. These three people are dangerously stupid.

There is an old axiom that people get the government they deserve. Well, maybe those of you who vote again for these incompetent idiots deserve more of this fiasco and insanity that has the whole state shaking their heads and pitying the residents of Ravalli County.

But, the intelligent citizens that live here and actually make the effort to understand issues, the credentials of candidates, and who want and pay for the services local government provides, do not. Those of us who are not stupid. please, I can understand your initial mistake and I forgive you. Nobody could have imagined this much craziness produced by these idiots. But, please, do not sanction more of the same from these fools. Sure, it is entertaining, but it is costing us dearly and if you vote for these clowns and their destructive ideology again then you will be subsidizing your own hardship, lack of services, and the costs of unending litigation with your taxes, your money. Don’t be stupid like them.

I would also like to make a personal appeal to Suzy, Jeffy, and Ronnie to step down. It’s not too late. Don’t run again. Please let this farce end. Spare us. Don’t embarrass yourselves anymore or inflict any more pain. You have done some amazing work and created enough damage already. Congratulations. Isn’t it time that you give some other crazy, right-wing, incompetent tea-bagger the opportunity to see how much damage they can inflict on the citizens? Be generous. Don’t run again. Let someone else have a shot at destroying the quality of life here in the Bitterroot Valley.


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  1. Justin Gordon
    May 7, 2014 | 7:21 pm

    Wow, you actually sat and wrote 10 paragraphs without providing one fact or demonstrating one valid case. Even a chicken pecking at a keyboard may have accidentally tacked out a reasonable and coherent sentence. You however only sought to insult the greater number of your fellow Bitterrooters as if tossing insults like an insolent child somehow demonstrates a superior wit and insight. Fail friend, absolute fail, but way to waste a greater portion of your day trying really hard. Next time perhaps consider going out and doing something positive with all the spare time you have to waste.

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