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Worst fears corroborated


A concerning study released last week showed high levels of

Glyphosate/Roundup in human mothers’ indicating bioaccumulation.

The Glyphosate levels were 760 to 1600 times higher in the U.S. human

milk than Europe allows in drinking water. Many of the mothers tested

ate as much organic food as possible.

Glyphosate chelates (binds up) minerals essential to normal

development, including calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron,

zinc and nickel, making them unavailable to the growing cells.

Chemicals including Roundup, sprayed into the air by ground or aerial

application, travel for hundreds of miles. The chemicals, including

three of the most damaging to fetuses, Glyphosate, Chlorothalonil (a

fungicide) and 2,4-D, fall onto all the foliage. All plants and

everything that eats plants are exposed and affected by mineral

chelation. All mammals that consume mostly plant material would

consequently have the highest levels of Glyphosate in their milk,

especially large grazing animals.

Severe Zinc deficiency during fetal development of males causes

underdevelopment of the male reproductive organs on the external skin,

including micro-penises, short scrotum and hypospadia. Increases in

reproductive malformations as determined by measurements of over 500

specimens in Western Montana closely correspond to the increase in use

of Roundup and Chlorothalonil.

Bone malformations, especially underbite because of underdeveloped

premaxillary bones on grazing animals, are caused by fetal manganese

deficiency and thyroid hormone disruption. The astronomically high

underbite prevalence closely corresponds to the increase in use of

Roundup, Chlorothalonil and 2,4-D, all of which cause thyroid hormone

disruption and Glyphosate affects manganese levels. Most concerning,

Glyphosate binds up several minerals that are absolutely essential for

normal brain development. Could high levels of Glyphosate exposure

during fetal development and in milk be the reason autism, ADHD and

other brain disorders on newborns have increased so drastically?

Obviously, baby animals are not ‘Roundup Ready’!

Judy Hoy


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