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Democrats destroy jobs


The letter you published from Van P. Keele of Hamilton was so full of BS that it seems like the only way I could get it off of me is to write a reply.
He wrote how the Democrats are the ones that create jobs. I remember the day that, even in this valley, there were many opportunities for work in high paying jobs taking advantage of the natural resources found here which are gifts from God. These jobs paid well enough that only one person in the family had to work to pay the mortgage and the other could stay at home raising the family. That was back when families were more solid and healthy in all ways.
The Democrats’ ideas were different, which resulted in low paying jobs which cause both parents to have to work and be absent from the home which has resulted in less healthy families in all ways.
The Democratic Party ideals included protecting the desert frogs and the Spotted Owls, etc., preferring large destructive forest fires and pine beetles over managing the forest through logging. I remember the day when we could look at the face of the Bitterroot Mountains and one would have to look pretty hard to find any forest fire tracks. Today most visible are the huge burns where all kinds of animals and birds were destroyed because we decided (Democrats) that fire was better even though it destroyed the soil by sterilizing it so nothing would grow on it for several decades and with total disregard for the wildlife lost and suffering. (I have often wondered where the so called “environmentalists” have been concerning this carnage).
If the Democrats’ position was to allow mining and drilling to use our natural resources that we have in this state and nation we would not only be free of entanglements for overseas resources but we could be exporting those resources.
In the long run, if the Democrats would change their positions on these issues we would have more jobs that paid very well and everyone would not have to work at minimum wage jobs which, granted, the Democrats’ policies produced a lot of.
Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking the lack of good jobs in this nation is because of Republican policy for it certainly is not.
Dallas D. Erickson



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  1. Howard
    April 23, 2014 | 5:54 pm

    Van P. Keele’s letter specifically cited a lot of data about jobs and job creation. This reply to that letter contains no real facts of any kind. Just the ramblings of someone who longs for the “good ‘ol days.” I think this is just this person’s selective memory about how “good” those days were. He obviously “believes” democrats are bad for jobs, regardless of the actual facts. If he wants to debate someone, he should try using some actual data to support his argument. The trouble is, the facts are not on his side.

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