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We got troubles, yeah


We got troubles, yeah, we got troubles, here in County City.

It’s spelled Stamey which rhymes with Scammy.

And its spelled S-t-a-m-e-y, that means Stamey.

Here comes Scammy, oops , I did mean Stamey.

That’s right, gotta hire Stamey,

She has no experience, no learning, no training!

Why not? They all say, though it seems quite insane.

We have nothing to lose and it’s the citizens’ pain.

Nevertheless, she has friends and she’s gaining.

She’s my buddy, my friend. My name is Suzy

and you can believe it, I’m really a doozy.

No, no training, no experience, says Suzy,

“No problem,” the others can work.

The Commissioners agree, “She can just sit and be the boss jerk.”

Then there is a safe for the money’s safekeeping,

But, hey! You know Scammy, whoops, I mean Stamey,

keeps the checks in her drawer to make sure its not missing.

Amazing, they say that no one is hissing.

The commissioners keep saying, “We know she can do it!

We know she can work!” The public won’t yell,

They are used to injustice at least for a spell.

It was fine last summer, the sun was hot

and I’m sure they were cooled by her shady past.

The citizens, though, were really aghast.

We were wondering if Scammy, whoops, Stamey, has trained them.

For some strange (not so strange) reason, she really has gained them.

She can’t do her job and that’s SURE for certain,

So let’s help her exit, as down comes the curtain.

Take her friends with her, and as she is send ed

we will all say, “Yea! It’s finally ended! ”

Earla Johnson


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