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Time to discontinue paying Stamey

Do Ravalli County taxpayers realize that with every passing week, we’re paying about $1000 to the discredited, unqualified, no-longer-working-but-still-getting-paid Treasurer Valerie Stamey? This is a waste of our hard earned money. We should remind our Commissioners that the status quo is unacceptable, and that we voters have not forgotten their managerial negligence in hiring Stamey in the first place.
Our Commissioners, through an exceedingly slow, cautious, and conservative process, voted unanimously on 22 “findings of fact” against Treasurer Stamey. These 22 factual findings demonstrated gross incompetence on Stamey’s part, causing harm and hardship up and down our valley. This undeniable proof led to 58 violations or fines against Stamey, at $500 each. That’s $29,000 our county will sue her for, but we’ll probably lose many tens of thousands when all is said and done.
So given all the findings, facts, votes, and proof: Why haven’t the Commissioners voted to suspend her without pay? What additional grounds of proof do they need? What are they waiting for?
As a 90 year old I’m often physically tired, but I’m really downright tired and fed up spending my retirement income on Stamey’s ongoing sizeable salary. Commissioners: Put Stamey on administrative leave, without pay! Your inexcusable delay is costing us many thousands, and is further proof that you all should not be in such positions of power and public trust.
Stanley Schroeder

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