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Events sometimes happen that are pivotal in our lives, which change the way we view people and the world around us. This is how I feel about my life having been touched ever so lightly, by a poor homeless woman, who came to life for a little while, here in Hamilton, at Christmas time.

She came to get out of the cold. She came because she had no hope. She came because she had nowhere else to go, and Destiny brought her here for us to love on for a little while. She came here to die. (It’s too bad, I had hoped we could have loved her to life.)

She found emergency shelter, and hope, to help her bridge a new beginning. She found people who accepted and loved her to share their Christmas meal together; to share their strengths and trials, their insight and determination to grow. She found the guidance of a loving chaplain, and acceptance in a welcoming church body, and challenging study groups to awaken her to the love of her Creator, who sees her as the apple of His eye, His precious child. She found a town that welcomed a stranger, and loved her; not for what she had, or for what she could give, but because she was a loving person who needed to be loved.

Life happens when love gets through – but in order for that to happen, we have to believe we can be loved, that we are lovable. When we are so strongly convinced of our unlovability, it just pours through us. Love hurts when we think we’re unlovable, and we want the pain to stop. If love is the true intrinsic self, who we really are, that is a painful place to be – wanting it, but we can’t stand it. It hurts.

People find healing because other people care and understand, and share the healing they have known. It was beautiful to participate in this sense of community, sharing this very special common goal with everyone doing their important part. It wasn’t just one person, it was everyone. We did good. I hope we won’t tire of doing good. We made a difference in her life, and our lives have been enriched because of it. We never fail when we choose to love. But we are not in charge of the outcome. Even so, I am proud to be a part of this healing community. Way to go, Hamilton!

Luanne Cathey


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