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Repubs keep lying about Obamacare


Republicans are engaged in a well-coordinated effort to deceive Americans about Obamacare. For example, Matt Drudge tweeted that he “just paid the Obamacare penalty for not getting covered.” (Fact: No penalty is due until 2015), and Florida Governor Rick Scott told Fox News about a 20-employee-company that was going out of business because it couldn’t afford Obamacare (Fact: Businesses with less than 50 employees are exempt from coverage requirements).

Matt Drudge, Governor Scott, and others of their ilk know better but lie anyway!

That brings me to Montana’s own liar, Congressman Steve Daines. In a recent Op-Ed he wrote, “In the last year alone, tens of thousands of Montanans have seen their insurance plans canceled.” Where did he get those figures?

If you drive a car, you are required to have insurance that meets basic standards. You can’t get by with a $25.00-a-year-policy, offering $500 of coverage. The same goes for health insurance: basic requirements are necessary. We’ve all been solicited by cons offering health insurance so cheap, it’s too good to be true. Unless he’s lying, Congressman Daines believes those scam policies are just as good as legitimate ones!

Those not so gullible had their pre-Obamacare insurance with reputable companies. So their most common “problem” would be like the one I had: My Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy had a $10,000 deductible. Since Obamacare limits the maximum out-of-pocket expenses to $6,350, Blue Cross merely adjusted my deductible and grandfathered me in. Ultimately I switched insurance providers, but the choice was mine.

Now my family is saving $1,000 annually and doing so without a subsidy. Our coverage is better, too. My last pre-Obamacare doctor visit cost $173.80. That same visit will now cost only $35.00.

Why do Republicans lie about Obamacare? Because they are afraid people will like it!

Marty Essen


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