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A remembrance of a true patriot

By Chris A. Linkenhoker, Corvallis

She was easy to find in a crowd. Her silver Caucasian “afro” was stunning. It matched her passion for doing good. She had superior intellect and a heart to match. She loved animals, which is a good start if you want to be known as a good person. She was a conservationist and made an impact on the way developments are planned and constructed in the Bitterroot Valley.
I’m talking about Lorraine Crotty, who decided to move on to the next “episode” quickly, so as to minimize the heartache and hassle to those who cared about her. She passed within three days of being diagnosed with cancer, leaving close friends and family members stunned. Her obituary was short, out of necessity. To this day, there are probably friends and acquaintances that are still unaware of her departure from this good earth; part of the reason for this letter.
With her friend and roommate, Richard White, Lorraine made a real impact on local politics and social structure. The two of them participated in countless Hamilton City Council meetings, just to keep the Council on the straight and narrow. Lorraine served on the 2004 Ravalli County Governmental Study Commission, which resulted in significant changes that are still apparent today. She participated with me and others in a one day conference called “The Truth About Wal-Mart”, which apparently made a difference in the company’s decision to delay a major move into the Bitterroot Valley.
Lorraine Crotty was one of the One-Percenters; not in terms of money, but as the one percent of Americans who care enough to participate in the important aspects of local governing.
As a result of her passing, Dick White will be moving to warmer climates to continue his retirement. Give him a call. He’ll be glad to hear from you.
I will miss them both.

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