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Starving sheep show signs of abnormalities

I noticed sheep with brachygnathia superior (underbite) in the photos of animals that were confiscated last week in the Hamilton area. Thank you to the Humane Society and kind people who are fostering the undernourished animals.
Seeing the sheep with underbite reminded me to write to repeat that newborn animals with underdeveloped facial bones can be helped to grow to normal. Hyland’s Homeopathic Cell Salt, Calc. Phos. 30X, is an electrolyte that stimulates calcium transport into the cells that need calcium for normal development. If a newborn with underbite, overbite or crooked or weak legs is given a tablet of a Calc. Phos. 30X each morning and night, their bones will grow to be normal for the individual in about two weeks. If the bones are not stimulated to grow to normal by giving the Calc. Phos. 30X, the animal nearly always retains the underbite, overbite or crooked legs for life.
An underbite or an overbite can seriously affect a grazing animal’s ability to bite off foliage and get adequate nutrition.
Also, a new study, published by scientists from the University of Chicago March 13 in PLOS Computational Biology, shows that Autism rates — after adjustment for gender, ethnic, socioeconomic and geopolitical factors — jump by 283 percent for every one percent increase in frequency of malformations in a county. “Autism appears to be strongly correlated with rate of congenital malformations of the genitals in males across the country,” said study author Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD, professor of genetic medicine and human genetics at the University of Chicago. “This gives an indicator of environmental load and the effect is surprisingly strong.”
Thus, environmental toxins like pesticides are likely responsible for the birth defects in humans, no surprise to those of us who have been tracking reproductive and facial malformations on wildlife.
Judy Hoy

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