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There but for the grace of God go I


Celia, your comments and remarks were just slightly overstated and a bit over-the-top. No pun intended, but don’t you think you were putting just a little bit of extra mustard on this particular hotdog of yours? Degradation, and disparagingly denigrating one, is not how you buy your way into another’s good graces, i.e., it’s not how we ingratiate ourselves into another’s life! A tidbit of wisdom here… Discretion is a better part of valor!

Nevertheless, and with all due respect, perception is everything but it’s not always the reality. That is, looking at this in another light, did you ever stop to think that Jim and Ally’s hotdog stand might have brought more attention, awareness and notoriety to the Native American sculpture in one season than the sculpture may have received collectively throughout all the weeks, months and years prior to their setup? I would bet the farmhouse that it did! So you see, your indiscretion here may have cost you some points with some of your viewers, i.e., if you still have a following, but needless to say, and before I put a bow on all of this, I’d like to point out a minor flaw in your delivery of not stating the obvious, i.e., you callously charge Jim and Ally with malicious desecration of Native American art, but yet in the same stroke you maliciously defile, violate, dishonor, and desecrate, unjustifiably so, two most worthy pieces of art yourself. It’s called playing both ends against the middle. “Hypocrisy waits patiently for us all.” – Aristotle

Lastly, Jim and Ally went through all the proper channels to seek the necessary authorization needed to set up at that corner. The town council with Mayor Gene Mim Mack at its helm, and the Stevensville Main Street Association, all granted them permission. I think a civil dialogue here with Jim and Ally along with a sincere apology is in order.

In conclusion, “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Buddha

Lorenzo Semeraro


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