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Pathetic AND scary


Tuesday’s apologies by the two Ravalli County Commissioners would be pathetic were it not for the fact they are still making decisions for the county. Commissioner Foss did NOT deliver an apology (the dictionary defines apology as indicating a person’s regret about doing or saying something; an admission of error). Foss accepted no responsibility for her actions. Instead she said “she was sorry, too, about the problems that have occurred.” Those pesky problems that occurred without any action on her part? How about “I let political ideology color my choice of a Treasurer” or “my statement regarding whether she (Stamey) knew she was required to make reports was incredibly stupid”?

Burrows stated he made the best possible decision for Ravalli County residents in choosing a Treasurer. Being unable to make a choice between someone who served in the Treasurer’s office, worked with the Treasurer’s software for years, and had outstanding recommendations, and someone (Stamey) for whom he had not even checked references but was enthusiastic during her interview, and, oh, only incidentally, was a Republican Precinct Chairperson, indicates he is guilty, at the minimum, of incredibly poor judgment, if not political cronyism.

Stolz simply said nothing and so must assume the voters will forget his part in this debacle by election time.

Prior to a public hearing on the Treasurer’s office, the Commissioners were well aware of the stench emanating from that office. Three, and possibly four of them, chose instead to obfuscate.

This latest action is costing the taxpayers big dollars (administrative leave with pay for Stamey, independent audit, legal fees), added to the already increasing dollars being paid out, and to be paid out, due to poor personnel decisions. Wait until we see what the Road Superintendent’s upcoming lawsuit is going to cost us.

Jacquie Coppage


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