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No confidence


Kudos to the Hamilton City Council on their unanimous vote of “No Confidence” in the commission’s choice of Queen Foss to the planning board. Foss seems to not understand. Really, are you kidding me? You should take the first word of your statement to the paper “honestly” to heart and of course it’s not because of who you are, but rather what you’re not. If you can’t figure that out on your own, we are all in trouble.

It appears that the city council actions speak volumes to what most of us would agree is a total mistrust in the County Commissioners’ appointments. Do you not see that through your rose colored lenses? You made your bed so now you lay in it. Take the city council’s lead. You’re voted in by the people for the people.

It’s time for accountability and suggesting Foss is a good choice, you had to see this coming, right? If you want to appoint Foss to something, how about having her keep and present a running total of costs associated with her last appointment of the treasurer’s office?

I’m sure all taxpayers would like to know what all the costs will be. Might be a great learning tool, but then again Foss’s quote “I have no clue.” Clueless in Ravalli county, the ignorance continues. Stay tuned.

Kirt Weishaar


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