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End of the line for three commissioners

By Stanley Schroeder, Hamilton
We appreciate that Commissioners Burrows and Foss publicly apologized, on February 18th, for having voted to appoint Valerie Stamey to Treasurer. It was long overdue, but better late than never. In contrast, Commissioner Stoltz remains unable to man up for his part in this blatant failure to perform basic work background checks on the smooth talking Stamey.
Folks, therein lies the rub. Though we’re thankful for the two Commissioners’ public apology, they don’t get a pass—far from it. Burrows and Foss continue to maintain they acceptably reviewed Stamey’s credentials. This cannot be true. She was clearly unqualified. No matter how enthusiastic or smooth talking, a basic work reference check would’ve quickly shown she didn’t qualify, or misrepresented her interview or resume claims.
The commissioners were conned, and we’re all paying for it in spades. It should come as no surprise that con artists tend to be smooth talking and enthusiastic. How else are they to sell their snake oil? This is why it’s so important to verify any applicant’s resume or interview claims. As Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”
It’s clear Stoltz, Foss, and Burrows were in a rush to appoint a political ally, unwilling to carry out due diligence in checking Stamey’s credentials. They were all trust, no verify.
I do give Burrows kudos for his pro-active and deliberative style during the meeting wherein 58 unanimous counts were brought against Stamey.
Wow, what a train wreck. You Commissioners have been the conductors; we tax-paying citizens the unfortunate passengers. As Foss, Burrows, and Stoltz have demonstrated managerial incompetence, you three must relinquish your conductorships and disembark come the next election station. You’ve caused too much damage to the public trust, county finances, and our reputation to deserve another term. We’ll be dealing with your dirty baggage for some time to come.

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