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Believing in Darby

Wow! What a year we had in 2013! Are you ready for 2014?
Well, I’m stoked to see what we can accomplish in this new year, and I would like to share a few thoughts.
Above the desk in my office is sign that only says “BELIEVE.” That’s it, but it speaks volumes to me personally.
What I’d like to share is some of the things that I believe in for all of us who call the South Valley of the Bitterroot Valley home.
I believe in the love of Darby I feel every time I step out of my front door.
I believe in the special small town feeling that I breath in with every breath I take.
I believe in the wonderful neighbors I have here.
I believe in the youth of Darby, they are the bright shining hope of tomorrow!
I believe in the people who come out of the woodwork when a storm brings down a tree with chain saw in hand.
I believe in Montana meetings in the middle of the road.
I believe in the beauty of our end of the valley; we are the crown of the Valley.
I believe in the family run Ski Resort at Lost Trail; they are the crown jewel of Darby.
I believe in the energy of the people who stood out in -8 degree temps to attend the Annual Christmas Parade. Well done!
I believe in all the people that made the ShiverFest events a success.
I believe in the charity of the people of Darby.
I believe in every donation that was given to raise funds for the Darby Bread Box. The 2013 Auction raised $3760!
I believe in what we do for the common good of Darby.
I believe in the beautiful spirit of the artists that speckle the South Valley.
I believe in the Spirit of the Wild West in the Elite Bull Connection which grows each year.
I believe in the Strength, Spirit, Culture, & History that empowers Logger Days.
I believe in the culture and history of Darby.
I believe in the protection of that culture and history of Darby.
I believe in the growth and sustainability of Darby.
I believe in the fact that we can be innovators of our destiny as a town.
I believe in the opportunity we have to make our town and surrounding areas even more beautiful.
I believe in the protection of the fragile ecosystems we have here, for future generations.
I believe in every brick and mortar business in town, farmers market and to spend locally.
I believe in every business that is worked out of our homes and trucks.
I believe in the future businesses that are still in the building stages today!
I believe in the future businesses that are still on the horizon and looking at Darby.
I believe in the economic future of Darby.
I believe in fresh ideas to bring in tourists to our area, for a stronger economic base.
I believe in people stepping up to bring a new and fresh perspective to our grassroots Town Council.
I believe in my family being able to see the fingerprint that I leave here.
I believe in me, I can and have shown I can make a difference.
I believe in you, together we can make a more significant effort to enrich our community!
We need each and everyone of you to step up and wear another hat that reads “Believe It!”
Call me and let me know what you believe in at 370-1309.
Annie Edwards, President

South Valley Civic Group

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