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Black comedy


Suspended Ravalli County Treasurer Valerie Stamey has taken some hard knocks recently for her manifest incompetence, legal troubles from her previous incarnation in South Carolina, and her seemingly wild and bizarre accusations against just about anyone within her orbit.

Yet there must be another side to the story. Here we are in the grip of a bitterly cold and dreary winter, post-Super Bowl with two months to go before the start of the baseball season. Of course, there is skiing, snow-shoeing, and ice-fishing. But is there really anything to compare with the nonstop entertainment provided by Valerie Stamey and the Three Stooges plus two, also known as the Ravalli County Board of Commissioners? I think not. In fact, after this is all sorted out — and we have Michael Howell to thank above all for ferreting out the real story — I think Valerie Stamey and what I hope will soon be the former commissioners should consider forming a traveling road show. Then they could nightly reenact the farce that is playing out before our eyes. Comedy Central, here they come!

To end on a serious note, it is outrageous that our county should be governed by a trio of mendacious clowns and their cronies who are responsible — but have taken no responsibility — for foisting upon us an entertainment that we can ill afford and that should leave a bitter taste in the mouth of every resident and voter in our county.

Steven I. Levine


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  1. FedUp
    February 19, 2014 | 6:46 am

    But now two of those clowns say they are sorry…..that is supposed to fix their ratings…..I think NOT!!!

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