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Ms. Foss was quoted in last week’s Star stating that she doesn’t know what political persuasion the people she and her fellow commissioners have hired or appointed during their tenure. “It’s really easy to take something like this and turn it into a big political thing,” she’s quoted as saying about the treasurer debacle at a recent meeting. “In a department as important as the treasurer how dare any of you, frankly, to make such foolish accusations… I don’t have any idea what our employees’ political persuasion is. Those I’ve hired, who happen to be Republican, the same people could have been on the purple card. It was based on their abilities.”

Well… Ms. Foss’ comments are, I have to say, always bizarre and off-point. But I would like to chime in as someone she herself appointed the “Poor Man’s Extremist.” How dare I make such foolish accusations as this commission knowingly appointing anti-government, conspiracy-minded, unqualified Republican Central Committee cronies to paid county government positions (with health care benefits!)? Well, I don’t know how I dare. That’s kind of a metaphysical question, don’t you think? I am, therefore I dare.

And I don’t know how I made the cut of being appointed by yourself as the “Poor Man’s Extremist” to which position I did not aspire toward but to which you did in fact appoint me knowing full well what my political persuasion was.

But I take that appointment quite seriously, and, now that I have the job (without healthcare benefits) I’m sorry to inform you that I no longer serve at your pleasure. I’m a loose cannon of your own creation. So I dare and double dare you to refute the overwhelming evidence that you and the five other commissioners (if we include Kanenwisher, which we really should) have pursued an anti-government, county supremacy, sovereign citizen agenda with malice and forethought since early 2011, and that this tea party world of yours and your cronies, with no visible means of support, is finally falling in around your ears because it quite literally had nowhere else to go, and that you have damaged all of us with your utter, anti-democratic, un-American nonsense.

I also want to thank you again for appointing me the official “Poor Man’s Extremist.” It’s such a liberating, if unpaid, position. In lieu of healthcare benefits, which I feel I deserve given the pressures of the office, all I would ask is that you re-open our family planning clinic.

Bill LaCroix


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