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Apology to county employees


I want to personally thank all the hard working “blue collar” Ravalli County employees for their unflinching work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to public service. I also want to send out an apology to our dedicated county workers and, for that matter, all Bitterroot residents.
Why do I, Doris Adam, apologize? Because it’s clear Treasurer Stamey and our County Commissioners—Foss, Burrows, Stoltz, Chilcott, and Iman—cannot find it within themselves to do it. I know a public apology by them seems an obvious gesture to the rest of us, but they won’t, so I will. Our county employees and all valley citizens deserve it while this embarrassing and completely avoidable crisis deepens.
I worked my whole life as a “blue collar” healthcare worker—a lab tech and home health caregiver mostly. I was never a “big wig,” but my bosses, in positions of authority and power, always recognized and thanked me for my hard work and quality of care I delivered. When my boss would occasionally mess up, she would take responsibility and be accountable for her actions and decisions.
At 86, how things have changed. Now our county leaders (the Commissioners) and employees in powerful positions (Treasurer Stamey) seem to have forgotten their oath, common decency, the burden of responsibility, the concept of accountability, their integrity, and who they work for.
It’s a shame a few powerful people, in positions of authority, influence, and leadership, can so quickly bring a community to its proverbial knees.
So I apologize to county employees, current and those who left in duress, for the unnecessary stress and shame they’ve endured. Likewise, to all Ravalli residents and to those district entities that are begging for their rightful monetary disbursements in order to stay afloat: Thank you and I am so sorry!
Doris Adam

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