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Re: Commissioner Foss


To paraphrase the Everly Brothers: “Wake up, little Suzy, you gotta go home!” because your record as a commissioner isn’t so hot.

Your arrogant support of Ravalli County Treasurer Stamey shows you are either ignorant, or worse, a con artist similar to Stamey. After all, birds of a feather tend to flock together. Because of your relentless support of Valerie, aka Scott, aka Beatty and finally aka Stamey, and with the backing of the other two stooges, you were able to insert Stamey as the county treasurer.

You claim Stamey was more enthusiastic than the other candidate; so if this the real reason, then why did the three county employees under her supervision all quit? Again, why choose Stamey, with little or no accounting experience, over a qualified person (Linda Isaacs) with experience and in-depth skills required for the job? I don’t suppose Stamey being a Republican Party Precinct Chairman factored into your decision. No wait, that could be construed as party patronage, and we all know you are more concerned about the people of Ravalli County than your personal agenda. Commissioner Foss, your foot in mouth statements and quotes supporting Stamey are better than the comic strips.

In 1/15/14, Foss stated that a six month transition period for a new treasurer is not unusual. She also commented that other counties have these types of problems, in fact she knew of one county where this transition period took eight months. (Of course, she couldn’t remember the name of the county).

Here are some of Ms. Foss’s great utterances:

1/17/14 – “Things are not a disaster in my opinion.”

1/20/14 – Foss said she would never support any of the women who left for the position of treasurer.

1/20/14 – “I’m sure as hell not going to allow any of those previous employees to come back.” (talk about arrogant!) Apparently Queen Foss’s word is final, no need for the other four commissioners to even vote.

1/20/14 – “Anyone who wants to get rid of her (Ms. Stamey) at this point needs to show me that she is personally not able to do the job.”

1/22/14 -“I have not had anyone show me that she is not able to do the job.”

Commissioners Foss, Stoltz and Burrows: you are a disgrace to the Republican Party and the citizens of Ravalli County. The three of you, by your decision to appoint Stamey, will cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in reimbursements to schools and municipalities for lost interest in reserve funds and bonds as well as likely court costs.

Paul Hayes


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