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Circus is in town!


Come one, come all to the most dysfunctional show of all. What’s it cost

to attend such a show of this caliber? Well, if you don’t live and pay taxes in Ravalli County, it’s free.

Where else can people be hired with zero experience. All you need is enthusiasm! Where else can you see people resign because they have no leader and refuse to do their leader’s job? Where else can you see people being paid not to work? Where else can you see people being fired unjustly? Where else can you see lawsuits stacking up?

This county is a circus side show. How embarrassing you all are. I suggest you all take management courses. We, the taxpayers, will gladly foot the bill. You all might learn how to do your jobs and hire and manage properly. Oh yeah, you appoint them or they’re elected.

You have attained what you were looking for… attention. Well, you got it, Ravalli County is the butt of the joke. Quit putting your own agenda and ideals ahead of what’s right for the county. You’re a business, run it like you want to succeed because right now you’re a failure in most smart, educated eyes. Do you not have mirrors or have you removed them all? In layman’s terms, can you even look at yourself and feel proud of what you have created?

I believe it’s time for reflection. We taxpayers deserve much better leadership, leaders that will stand up and do the right thing for the people of this county, not a party. You all need to write a letter of apology to all residents for your incompetence. You know what they say, you’re only as good as your leader. Need I say more!

Kirt Weishaar


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