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Apologies for leaving


To the people of Ravalli County, my apologies for having to leave my term as your County Treasurer early. Sometimes, as was this case, family has to take priority over everything in life. My husband’s health condition demanded changes from both of us. I sincerely wish I had been able to complete my term ending in 2014.

Once I knew I would have to leave early, I made preparations with key members of my staff to ensure the ability to make a seamless transition given that someone with experience in the county treasurers’ office was put into place to complete the term. That did not happen, even though I did try to make clear Linda Isaacs was in position to apply for and successfully perform the duties of County Treasurer.

I was appalled when I heard a 3/2 vote had placed someone in that office the voters of Ravalli County had made clear in the previous election they did not want as a Treasurer. Someone with no experience, and now as it appears, little ability to learn how to perform the duties of a County Treasurer.

You, the citizens, did not deserve this, the various county departments, agencies, towns and schools did not deserve this, and the treasurers’ office employees did not deserve this. I can only hope the situation soon improves and there is resolution.

Marie Keeton

Rye, Colorado

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