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Mama’s wisdom


My mother was born May 1, 1910 in Alabama. Her mother died when she was 5 and Mom had two younger sisters. Her father married a wicked stepmother and produced 10 half-siblings. To say she had a rough time would be a major understatement. She and my father got married and tried to make a living during the Great Depression. All of this made her a very wise and strong woman. Two of her many favorite sayings have stayed with me all of these years and I would like to apply them to the politics in Ravalli County.

The first one is “you are judged by the company you keep” and the second one is “you will be measured by what you do, not by what you say.”

The first one applies to the appointments our County Commissioners, at least three of them, have made in the last year or so. Two of those have gotten a lot of press in the last month or so, namely the County Treasurer and the Planning Board Chair. How are those working out for you, Jeff, Suzy and Ron?

The third appointment is just starting to get some press and that is Scott Boulanger. The Commissioners overlooked some tried and proven legislators like Ron Ehli and Gary McLaren when they appointed Boulanger. Like the other two appointments, what on earth were they using for evaluation criteria? Should Boulanger be judged by the company he keeps?

Mama’s number two really hits home with Scott. I have to admit all I know is what I read about Scott and from Scott. His words stir the emotions of many Ravalli County residents – private property rights, lower taxes, less government, less regulation of small business, but when I start looking for actual results, like successful bills that help Montanans, I can’t find any. I find votes against things, and being against ideas is really easy but crafting solutions isn’t.

I do know Pat Connell, we are fellow foresters and we share strong beliefs about using our natural resources to increase jobs, and improve the lives of many Montanans. Pat’s proven record in the Legislature is one of results, not just talk. He works with the other party to find solutions to problems. Some want to label that as being liberal, but when you do that tell me what you have done to find solutions to the problems we face. Like Mama, I want to see actions, not words.

If Mama was here today I think I know who she would vote for.

Sonny LaSalle


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