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Tired of anti-Christian bigotry


I am tired of hearing about bigoted people who do not want Christians to practice their religion. You have the right not to believe in anything or what ever you want, but remember we Christians also have the right to practice our religion and also Christmas. We have the right to pray in public, the right to sing Christmas carols, to put up Christmas trees or anything else pertaining to our religion. If you don’t like it you have that right, but you don’t have the right to stop us in any way.

The Constitution, remember that, gives us the right to practice our religion and it says shall not be infringed. I don’t care if you are offended, did you ever think others are offended by you also.

Just to make it clear, infringed means to break, disregard, violate, transgress, trespass on rights or privileges, encroach on a liberty, any breaking in upon or violation of a right, privilege, regulation, law or contract.

There’s no law that says we are not allowed to offend someone by practicing our religion.

Trying to stop Christians and Christmas is nothing more than bigotry at its worst and those of you who are the first to do this will say to the world how liberal you are as a person. You claim you want peace and to coexist, but it is only as long as everyone thinks as you do. Not everyone in this world agrees with you and there are a lot of us who practice Christianity who don’t agree with you.

As for me I will continue to celebrate my religious holidays and I don’t care if you like it or not. I have the right to do so and you don’t have any rights given to you to stop anyone in their religious beliefs.

If you don’t believe in Christmas don’t celebrate it then.

Donna Gibney


One Response to Tired of anti-Christian bigotry
  1. Randy in the 'Root
    January 3, 2014 | 12:20 am

    Just so we understand, in which way specifically have your rights been infringed upon to practice your religion in Hamilton?

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