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The Alta Pine


Well, the sign is back up at the historic old pine tree just short of Alta on the west fork of the Bitterroot. It’s been several years of a battle with the Forest Service to keep the sign up.

A year and a half ago, the sign was taken down and a hearing was held with Supervisor Julie King and Dave Campbell and at that meeting Julie King told Ranger Dave to put it back up which he didn’t do. A year later I discovered the sign was not up and I called Julie and she said she would see that it would get replaced PDQ. Then fire season came along and Dave retired and someone else replaced the sign so it’s been up for quite awhile now.

I wrote a letter on this that was a little rough on Ranger Dave and the Ravalli Republic wouldn’t publish it so then I watered it down and Sherry Devlin, who is now editor of the Missoulian too, didn’t print it either.

In the past I was seldom able to get a letter published in the Missoulian that badmouthed the Forest Service; now it’s going the same way with the Ravalli Republic. It’s odd that people write derogatory things about all of our elected officials including the President but yet you can’t get the dastardly things the Forest Service does printed in those two papers which are now owned by the same corporation.

Floyd Wood


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