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Response to anonymous accuser


To “anonymous”, whoever you are…
The first comment I will make is that I have made it a practice for over 50 years never to give credence to a letter that does not sign a name. If a person doesn’t have the stamina to claim authorship, then what he thinks he has to say certainly does not claim my attention. It reminds me of the person who gripes about the government, but never voted! No right to complain!
Next, I have been in education since 1969, in classrooms and in administration, and have been through some anonymous stuff myself. It is unfair, undeserved, and unfounded every time!
Thirdly, I still substitute teach in four different local school districts, and know the administrators in every one of same. These men and women are deserving of great respect, even if someone doesn’t agree with every decision made. I have met Stevensville’s Superintendent, and he certainly deserves to know who his accuser is. He is a fine person, and a hard worker.
So, in conclusion, I will sign my name to this letter! Will you?
Clayton L. Freeman

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