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Real conversation required

Please know, I am not taking sides here! John Davenport, why are you bullying Commissioner Foss? You and others accuse her of ranting, but your article is full of accusing rants of cruelty. You and others accuse her and the other commissioners of all kinds of craziness, but your articles are filled with name-calling, exaggerations, and bullying.
Is this your craziness or just childishness?
Can we get past all this rhetoric and have a conversation? Why are you so angry? Is it because you and your guys are not the gods of the city? Are you mad at people who are not perfect? Is it because you do not feel heard by them? I don’t either but shouting does not solve anything. You are probably angry at me now. I don’t get it!
What does solve the problems we all face in this county? Getting your guys voted into county offices? Scary! Getting funding for public health? You said, “Denying funds for public health… will produce more cancer, more abortions, more disease, and more unfortunate health problems…” Really? Lack of funds causes these things? (Did a “not-too-bright teenager” say this?) What resolves conflict in any relationship? Mediation? A respectful conversation? It would be really tough for me to have a conversation with you. Are you willing to listen?
My point is this: We are all human beings in need of respect, not bullying, name-calling, or great exaggeration. Naomi Wolf, a great author (in my opinion) and a political activist, wrote two wonderful books that address all of our concerns, “The End of America” and “Give Me Liberty.” She tells a story of a meeting she attended with both pro-choice and pro-life activists. She very reluctantly went but walked away realizing both sides really DID care about women. Each side just chose to help in their own way.

In the end, we all want a better world! But we all do things a little differently. Until we understand both sides, we cannot move forward. Great scientists stood on the shoulders of those who went before them. We must seek to understand the best possible social structure that leads to peace and prosperity, freedom and fairness! The political structure we have now is clearly not working for our good! We must figure out what will before it is too late.
Chris Martin

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