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Leave our public lands alone


The more I read about the proposed Ravalli County takeover of the Montana public lands, the more I am amazed and angered.

These lands are not for Ravalli County or the State of Montana to have any more to say about than any other state or county. They are public lands and owned by all U.S. citizens. We in Montana are just fortunate enough to have these lands close to use and enjoy. We do not need to see them developed, sold or mismanaged by a group that cannot even manage a small low populated county.

We hear complaints about the present mismanagement of our public lands. Much of this can be blamed on the special interest groups who have made serious inroads into our public land management. Typical is the recent visit by the Utah crackpot. I am sure he represents large landowners and developers.

I hope we all remember these actions by our commissioners when they are up for re-election. We should also be concerned that our elected officials are spending time and money, or proposing to, on these farfetched, lame-brained ideas.

Wake up, Commissioners, do the job you were hired for, and leave our public lands alone. They are not yours, but ours, the American public.

Bill Lyon

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