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Better insurance with Obamacare

By Marty Essen, Victor

After much frustration, my wife and I finally got signed up for Obamacare. My mistake was trying to sign up in October, a few days after the Health Insurance Marketplace opened. All hell broke loose at the time, and essentially our application got frozen. Last week, I deleted our application and started over. From that point on the process went smoothly.

Lately, Republicans have been salivating over the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace malfunctions, and admittedly I screamed a few choice words at my computer screen during the sign-up process. But what’s important isn’t how you start; it’s how you finish.

For my wife and me the end result was this: Even though our income was too high to qualify for a subsidy, our new Obamacare policy (we chose the Montana Heath CO-OP) turned out to be far superior to our previous health insurance policy. Not only did it cut our deductible by 60 percent, but it also gave us much more comprehensive coverage. And here’s the best part: even without a subsidy, we’ll save a minimum of $1000 a year.

Thanks, President Barack Obama!

Now, of course, the obvious question is to ask why Montana’s Republican congressman Steve Daines felt it necessary to shut down our government and repeatedly vote to keep my family and others from enjoying the benefits of Obamacare.

As the months go by, the motivation behind Daines’ votes will become crystal clear. Instead of doing what was best for his constituents, he put his party before country. His worst nightmare is for people around the country to have positive Obamacare experiences and share their stories in letters to the editor, like this one.


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