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Move to Kabul, take Treasurer and Planning Board Chair with you


I read in the paper that one of our esteemed commissioners, Suzy Foss, recently returned from a Heritage Foundation/American Lands Council convention in Utah and is now starting a “fund” to support a law firm to challenge the Federal Government over ownership of public lands. Manna from heaven for the law firm. I suppose on that recent trip to Utah they had to reinsert the crazy chip since it has been awhile since some of our commissioners had the initial wiring done by that Texas group. Prepare yourself for more insanity because the commissioners seem to be drinking deeply from the crazy cup.

Commissioner Foss, in her rambling editorial (Valley Viewpoint, Oct. 10, 2013) justifying her decision to deny Title X funds for public health, rants about this “wondrous and unique nation guaranteeing … never having a state sponsored religion … ” But, unfortunately, the citizens of Ravalli County are now suffering from the taxpayer-sponsored Church of Suzy Foss where hearts, if any, are cold and indifferent and the mantra is, “blessed be the developers for they shall inherit Ravalli County,” and, “death to unfortunate women and children.” Suzy and her disciples claim to be Christians, but Christ’s mission was to help and to heal, not to hurt. It is not WWJD, What Would Jesus Do? But, rather, “What Would Jeffy Do?” And what would Suzy, her faith formed in those exclusive Christian country clubs of southern California, do? And what would Ron, biding his time to take over the demoralized road department, do? Perhaps divide and antagonize the entire County, depress most of the employees, alienate the judicial, sheriff’s, and treasurer’s departments, and attempt insane lawsuits against the United States Government? Maybe just change job descriptions for county positions so that incompetent, party lunatics can be hired to carry on even more destruction to the quality of life in the county and stupidly insult the original people of the Bitterroot Valley?

I attended two of the meetings about the Title X funds to provide health care for women of Ravalli County. I also called all the Commissioners and left them messages to please reconsider and approve the funding. Only one was available for a “conversation.” That was the High Priestess, Suzy. It was, as her “rationale” in her editorial attests, a convoluted, illogical, just plain crazy diatribe. It was like trying to have a discussion with a not-too-bright teenager. A mind not fully developed. These types of ideologues spout dogma that has no basis in reality or facts. They do not have the intellectual ability to grasp or understand issues, the purpose of how and why public health is delivered. Or, the purpose of government, the history of this “wondrous” nation, the actual religious opinions of those that drafted the Constitution, or for that matter, the Constitution itself and the laws of this country.

Title X was taxpayer money returning in a way that benefits the citizens, our neighbors of this county. These are tax revenues not going to support endless war, or millions to be spent on The Stockfarm to be able to fly in to Hamilton. Certainly not Federal funds spent on subsidies for welfare ranchers and hobby farmers, and, certainly not weed abatement for our little horsie operations. Certainly not County funds spent on friends’ illegal subdivision roads in an adjacent county. Not County money spent on frivolous lawsuits and secret money paid to County employees to settle claims for being unfairly dismissed and discriminated against along with the destruction of important County functions.

The saddest and most disturbing insult to the women of this county was to hear some give witness about their own experiences regarding the care and help that was provided by our public health office. The three commissioners who refused the funds appear to be voyeurs who derive pleasure from the past despair and pain of these women. They listened to these impassioned testimonies several times and were not moved. Lacking any compassion, they have hearts of stone. Suzy and her disciples have exchanged their milk of human kindness for bitterness and gall.

All of the commissioners enjoy tax subsidized insurance among many other perks. Denying funds for public health causes those of us that are fortunate to have insurance to pay higher premiums, causes the emergency room at Marcus Daly, which, Suzy, is not a primary health provider, to be even more strained, and will produce more cancer, more abortions, more disease, and more unfortunate health problems for Ravalli County residents. The County becomes a sicker, more desperate place. This collection of clowns is not considering the well-being of the citizens of Ravalli County. Isn’t that your mandate? (That term might have to be explained to Ron when he comes out of his coma dreaming about mounting that front-end loader.)

The choice by the three Commissioners, these members of the “Christian Taliban,” to deny public health care in Ravalli County is not a moral issue. It is simply immoral and cruel. Denying public health puts the whole community in jeopardy and it is not only unchristian behavior but it is criminal behavior. If not arrested and charged with endangering the public health, perhaps this cabal of clowns should actually move to Kabul, Rhyhad, or, Islamabad, or any other ignorant, despotic Muslim capital where they could really exercise their war and terror on women and children.

John Davenport


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