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Another bad idea


I just sat through two relentless hours while Ken Ivory from Utah told me and fellow Bitterrooters how much better off we’d be if our federal lands were turned over to Montana to be locally managed. Sorry, Ken, but you don’t understand. I’ve lived in several states during my life. One of the greatest things about federal land is that no matter what state I’m in, federal lands are still mine. I don’t want them to belong to someone else just because I’m not a resident of that state.
As for local management? Give me a break. I live in a county where the commissioners hired a Planning Department director with no credentials, have a Planning Board Chair who’s a racist and proud of it and appointed a county treasurer because she’s a Tea Party crony, and who, after 30 days, still has my property tax check stashed in the drawer of her desk because she doesn’t know how to cash it. You’ve got to be joking.
Pat Tucker

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