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Hope for Democrats’ demise


The fiscally irresponsible and disastrous Obamacare law is unraveling. Obama continues to demonstrate that he is deceitful. One wonders when liberals will abandon ship – Obamacare! Conservatives and many Independents never boarded that ship, but now polls show that moderate Independents are jumping ship. Liberals aren’t far behind! Liberal Democrats smell defeat looming in the 2014 election! Now, Obamacare implementation for businesses is delayed until after 2014 elections, perhaps postponing awareness of future businesses’ policy cancellations!
Let’s face reality! Any intelligent, responsible, and effective administrator requires staff members to keep them abreast of factors impacting their administration or business. Accordingly, effective leaders are aware of potential problems on a timely basis. Obama plainly doesn’t fit into that select group! Can any logically, rationally thinking American believe otherwise? No!
Now, Senate Democrats recently voted to invoke the ”nuclear option” to end 225 years of Senate history, by stopping a minority controlled filibuster – thereby allowing Senate confirmation of un-preferred candidates by a simple majority. Our deceitful president immediately endorsed that Senate action, which makes one wonder who actually recommended that action! It takes a devious political mind to realize what the administration requires to further their socialistic agenda by unconstitutional means!
Will Americans reject this power grab and the Obama/Axelrod brand of socialism to the point that the Democratic Party is essentially destroyed in the next election? God, let’s hope so! America deserves better, as well as a return to a constitutionally inspired, fiscally responsible republic!
Jerry Haslip


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