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Commissioner candidates needed now

Your recent editorial setting forth the accomplishments of the current Ravalli County Commissioners was, as they say, right on. Also the many letters from citizens written to all three newspapers serving the county have specifically targeted issues that are of individual concerns to the person writing the letter.

The reason for my writing this letter is to propose what I believe to be the best and perhaps only solution, which is to change the makeup of the Commissioners in the 2014 elections. The time to initiate a program to change the faces of those who run the County is now.
My suggestion is for both Democrats and Republicans to think about tossing their hats into the political arena, and running for office. There is little doubt in my mind that Ravalli County is a Republican county. I don’t know if what many perceive to be the shortcomings and idealogical posture of the current commissioners is due to the Tea Party infiltration. But, if so, then the true Republicans need to step up to the plate and take their party back.
We need some Democrats to run for office to make sure that the issues which concern the voters are brought before voters and force the current commissioners to defend what they have wrought upon the county through their high handed misuse of their power.

I believe I fully understand that what the Commissioners have done, and what they have not done, is LEGAL. But, because it is LEGAL, does not make it RIGHT. But, because it is LEGAL, does not make it ETHICAL. But, because it is legal, does not make it COMPASSIONATE.
It is not too late to turn back the Legacy subdivision approval through the ballot box by fighting it in court until new faces can grace the halls where those who make decisions reside.

D. David Hardy


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