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The magic of serendipity


The conundrum? Sometimes, without even knowing we’re looking for something, or not, we find it. Or, better yet, it finds us! Unbeknownst, the subconscious, and even its crafty counter, the super subconscious, are extremely powerful dowsing tools. Thus, let that which I seek, seek me! So, as serendipity would have it, bam!…there it was.

Throughout my sojourn I met some very all encompassing and powerful beings. Hence, on the road to my studies in Ancient Symbology, I encountered a group of priestesses, radiantly enchanting priestesses, that not only granted me permission to embrace an ancient old culture that still lives on today, but more importantly, it was the beginning of an anthropological study that set me in motion to ‘infinity and beyond’, as my five year old son would jovially say.

Ethereally poised with the utmost compassion and grace, these enchanted beings not only granted me permission to partake of my studies, but equally so, and honoring me as one of their own, they allowed me to bear witness to one of their most venerated ceremonies, Halloween, normally reserved for exclusive use by members of their own sect. Needless to say, it’s a time where access to the void is at its pinnacle, a time where all the great masters of ancient antiquity celebrated it as the Pagans’ High Holiday and the Rite of Halloween, a time of incredulous magic. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Gnostics, and especially the Druids, celebrated this High Holiday with intense reverence, allegorically preparing for three days in advance. In silence, and with intent focus, they would carve out a mask of their choice, but it had to reflect something of the natural world, something from nature…a running brook, a willow wisp, the mighty oak or even an animal of their choosing, etc. And, then, at midnight on that third day, at the top of some mountain peak, accompanied by a full moon, a star-lit sky, a camp fire and the sound of a beating drum, donning the mask they would dance, feverishly, all the way to the wee hours of Twilight. So, what is its significance? Well, firstly, the word Halloween, as defined and translated by these masters, means ‘The Eve of Hallowed Spirits’So, now, it begs the question, what does ‘hallowed’ mean? Actually, and meaning all these things, PureHoly and Divine, it became the most divinely celebrated holiday of the year, and still is. So, again, what is the significance of this most divine celebrated day? Well, since all things spring from God itself, the void, i.e. since God is all things in nature, it was the intent of the initiate to move out of his/her body and into the consciousness of that which he/she was donning, to experience and express oneself other than via the image that one was wearing, the ‘human body’, truly a mask in and of itself. Hence, to know the deer, the willow wisp, is to become the deer, the willow wisp. What other than to become, lends us to be Brethren and Sistren to all things in nature? Blisteringly intriguing, enlightening, yeah? Well, to add icing to the cake, ‘The Eve of Hallowed Spirits’ not only continues on in its legacy today, but more importantly, and justifiably so, the ‘God Frequency’ that’s encapsulated on this High Holiday, that which permeates the earth’s entire magnetic field, is at its pinnacle. Thus, entering and experiencing the ‘God Force’, on this eve, is not only majestically and reverently available to those who are kindred spirits to these enlightened masters who so compassionately and lovingly made it all possible for those adamant seekers of the mysteries, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to elevate one’s level of consciousness. And to that end, with no further ado, much endowment of magic and wonder on this most celebrated day, ‘The Eve of Hallowed Spirits’.   

Lorenzo Semeraro, M.Sc-Ancient Symbology




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